Sexy Comedy Star Heather Hatton Delivers Laughs with a Provocative New Twist

Heather Hatton is entertaining audiences and attracting new fans with her trademark humor and unique, sexy edge.


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- Heather Hatton is popularly referred to as the ‘SBIC’ (Sexiest B*tch in Comedy) for her sensational combination of sex appeal and comedic flare on stage. Although the business of comedy was formerly considered to be a male dominated industry, that is rapidly changing. Recently, a handful of attractive women have been claiming the niche for themselves in this competitive and creatively challenging field. Top notch female comedians like Kristin Wiig (Bride’s Maids), Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live/30 Rock) Chelsea Handler (host of Chelsea Lately), and Heather Hatton (The J Spot Comedy Club, July 3 in Houston Texas) are breaking the age old myth and showing that funny women can be on top… and they can be sexy, too.

Heather Hatton’s trademark style of combining sensuality, sexiness, and laughs has given her an edge in the highly competitive world of comedy. She is not, at first glance, the kind of gal who you'd expect to find on stage making people laugh so hard, it hurts. With her stunning good looks, she seems more suited for the cover of a fashion magazine than the stage of a comedy club. In fact, this young lady didn't start her career intentions with being a comedian. She wanted to be a model. But, she soon realized she had a talent for comedy. “I've always had the ability to make people laugh. Growing up, I could make my family laugh and in school, I was the one who got in trouble with the teachers for cutting' up,” she said. “When I saw the modeling career was not going to pay the bills, I turned to what I already knew - comedy.” She began her tryst with comic theatre at the legendary club in Houston, Texas, Tymes Square, where the likes of Steve Harvey, Rashun McDonald and Thomas Webb performed. The comedy circuit responded well to her and she discovered other people enjoyed hearing her hilarious perspective on life, too.

“It's not just jokes. It's telling stories. There's some exaggeration in it, but you've got to start with a truth. You've got tell people something they identify with. Once they see where you're coming from, then you turn it funny,” Hatton said.

Heather Hatton has a DVD in the works and just completed a pilot episode for her talk show Talk Back with Heather Hatton. As much as she hopes the show gets picked up and takes off, she's not pinning everything on that. “I want the show to be a success, but I will always do live comedy. There's something about being on stage in a new place, in front of a new audience, that keeps me inspired.”

Heather Hatton’s looks will certainly open doors, but it will be her comedic training that keeps audiences coming back for more. She has long admired and studied the comedic styles of Andrew Dice Clay, Joan Rivers, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Bernie Mac. Her goal is to reach audiences on an International level with her gift of laughter and fun. “I can use humor to spread a positive message about life, and help people feel understood and laugh about themselves… and that’s a great thing.”

To see Heather Hatton perform live, visit The J Spot Comedy Club in Houston, Texas beginning July 3. Tickets are available at

About Heather Hatton:
Heather Hatton is popularly referred to as the Sexiest Woman in Comedy for her unique sex appeal, luster, and comedy style.


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