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SGHeQuan Eliminates Gangsterism Stigma of Cultural Arts Through Youth Recruitment


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2015 -- Despite the stigma of gangster affiliation and the decline of youths joining the art, the Institute recently recruited new youths to its lion dance cultural arts program. Launched in 1993, the SGHeQuan Lion Dance Troupe provides entertainment for an extensive variety of occasions ranging from festivals to business launches.

"To remove the gangsterism stigma closely associated with lion dance, we must steer our new members clear of these negative influences. By actively engaging these new members and giving them a sense of achievement in lion dance, we hope that the youths will not be at risk of joining secret societies. Together, we can destroy the stigma for our next generation to enjoy and appreciate the art." said HeQuan Institute spokesperson, Chua Jun Jie.

For students of the dance that are recruited, the Institute promotes life skills and values that will serve them throughout their lifetime. Leadership, teamwork, discipline and endurance are emphasized. The HeQuan Institute is preserving traditional cultural arts, providing lion dance entertainment throughout Singapore and Johor, and providing youths a goal for which to strive.

Lion Dance performances can be booked by individuals, organizations and businesses. Once available only in Singapore, the Institute has expanded into Johor and has plans to introduce its unique performances into other locales. The Institute recruits local talent and the youth recruitment program identifies those with promise who will be trained to exacting standards to perform all the Institute's dances.

An important aspect of the Institute is its stylized God of Fortune mascot. The HeQuan Institute's mascot is a favorite at a variety of joyous occasions and is popular for photographic opportunities. The Institute provides customized Lion Dance and God of Fortune performances to accommodate an extensive variety of occasions.

Based on ancient folklore, the Lion Dance reenacts the legend of how villagers devised a fierce, lion-inspired construct with loud drums and cymbals to drive out the mythical beast named "Nian." Different styles of Lion Dance have emerged in which the Institute is a master. Performances of the Lion Dance can be combined with an appearance by the God of Fortune.

With its youth recruitment program, HeQuan Institute of Wushu and Lion Dance is working to eliminate the gangster stigma that's often associated with cultural and performing arts. The recruitment process draws upon local youths who are willing to learn the art of lion dancing, while learning life skills and core values.

About HeQuan
HeQuan strives to provide quality lion dance entertainment across Singapore and Johor. In 2002, Johor HeQuan was incorporated. The addition of Johor HeQuan to our brand is a testament of our successful business model and service excellence. Johor HeQuan and Singapore ShanXuan were founded in recent years and found resounding success in a growing market.

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