ShaanMovers Upgrades Equipment Due to High Demand in Relocating Services


Calgary, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- ShaanMovers, the finest company which offers efficient and well-organized moving services, recently upgrade its equipment to provide better service and achieve customer service satisfaction.

With a growing number of customers, ShaanMovers decided to buy more tools in order to respond to the moving needs of their clients. They already utilze high quality materials like cartoons, mattresses, furniture blankets and cover, floor runner, rubber bands, cargo control, corrugated single face rolls, packaging materials, and labels. The company decided to get the latest kits and disregard the old ones to further improve their services

The Calgary movers are highly-skilled, trained, and polite professionals who accomplish all the heavy work for ones moving needs. They ensure that their employees are healthy and physically fit in order to do their jobs well. Moreover, customers need not to worry about the things needed for moving, since these movers are honest and trustworthy individuals who will take good care of all their belongings.

In case people do not have enough materials to be used for packing up their things, the moving company will be more than happy to assist them. Just give them a call and inform them specifically the things that one will be needing before scheduling the date of moving. This service has no hidden charges at all. Rest assured that all items will be successfully delivered to the new destination. ShaanMovers values their customers, their needs, convenience, and their feedback.

They own a 26-feet high truck, well-maintained and regularly checked - brakes, oil, engine, tires, door locks. This includes all materials that will be needed in the moving process, such as boxes, bins, straps, ropes, and ramp.

Their services are available everyday, weekdays and weekends. May it be boxing or unboxing, residential moving, commercial moving, or garbage dumping, They are always ready to do the stressful relocation of things. Plan ahead, organize private stuff, give them a call, and just wait for the movers to get to the current location. It is important that people choose the best company to assist them in their needs.

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