Cast Steel Sow Mold

Shaanxi Allstate's Products Are Gaining Quite an Acceptance Throughout the World is the official website of Shaanxi Allstate Technology and Trade Company Limited. Their products are used widely in chemical, agriculture and automobile industry.


Xian, Shaanxi -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Each and every production process within the roof of this company is controlled strictly by experienced professionals so as to meet the requirements of its customers. Not only is the company extremely professional in their manufacturing and trading process but can provide great OEM service as well. Addition to that, surface treatment and matching operation can also be provided if required.

Shaanxi Allstate Technology and Trade Company Limited is well- equipped in providing exporting and manufacturing services of various spare parts and mechanical products. In total, the company supplies 10 types of products i.e. Valves Manhole Covers, Sheet- metal parts, machining parts, forgings, castings, gear, gear box, spring, chain and decoration parts. The company's main goal, over the last two decades has been in providing its customers with quality products at an affordable price. Its total number of staff is between 51 and 100 people, number of R&D staff is between 11 and 20 people, and total number of engineers is between 5 and 10 people. The company's been certified by SSA, ISO9000 and ISO9001. It mainly exports its products in the markets of Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North America.

Cast Steel Sow Mold is amongst the company’s best- sellers in the foreign market. Some of the castings done by the company include V- Process Steel, Steel Die Pattern, Anode Yoke (Electronic Aluminium Industry), Anode Yoke Cast Steel, Drain Pan Aluminium, Dross Pan, Dross Skim Pan, Dross Pan for Aluminium Remelter, Steel Ingot Dross Skim Pan, Slag Pot Metallurgy, Large Black Mould, Alloy Steel Casting, LP2000 Mould Casting, LP 1650, LP1500 Mold for Alcoa, LP1200 Iron Mold, Sow Mold featuring Forklift Holes, China Ingot Mold, and Customised Iron Casting. Metal Wheel Chock is also quite popular with the clients of this company. Types of Wheel Chock produced by the company are Polygon Pure Metal, Aluminium Alloy, Red Coated Smooth Surface, Pure New Straight, Polyethylene Triangle, Stainless Steel, Zincification Red, Wheel Chocks featuring Handles, Minimum Size Metal, Red Bending, Molded Process, Oblique Block, 144mm High Metal, Angular High Metal, and Precision Truck.

Angular Handle Metal Wheel Chocks is one of the best- sellers of the company. These are produced from natural rubber, thereby making it both high anti- impact and flexible. These are mainly used to warn drivers in slowing down their speed when entering crowded places like city intersection, gas station, parking lot, garden, village, toll gate, highroad crossing, etc. This creates a harmonious and safe environment for the people nearby. Silicone Composite Insulator is another of the company’s best- sellers. Some of the silicon composite insulators manufactured by this company include Auxiliary Fittings Composite, Fiber Optic Composite, FRP Long Rod, 1100kV Composite Hollow, 20KV Composite Railway, 10- 1000kV Composite, 10- 252kV Composite, 10- 132kV Composite, and FXBW- 10/ 70 Composite.

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