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Shade Sail Mounting Posts Launched in the European Market by Shade Sails Direct

Shade Sails Direct are authorized on-line retailers of the Sail Shade World brand of shade sail products.


Libertyville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Shade Sails Direct are authorized on-line retailers of the Sail Shade World brand of shade sail products. This includes standard size and custom made sails and the stainless steel fittings for tensioning each corner of the sail. In response to demand from European customers the company has now added a range of mounting posts in stainless steel and galvanised finishes.

Sail Shade World are based in Australia and are the largest shade sail manufacturer worldwide with over 70,000 satisfied customers. The sails are manufactured from special shade cloth fabric that provides excellent UV protection. The shade cloth is permeable, allowing hot air to escape from underneath the sail resulting in truly cool shade. The material does not rot or degrade in sunlight and carries a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years.

In addition to the sails themselves, the company also supplies stainless steel fittings for tensioning the sail at each corner. It has always been up to the customer to select suitable mounting points for the sail and to carry out the actual installation - although Sail Shade World do provide a comprehensive installation guide. But help is now at hand as company spokesman Dan Murray explains:

"The two most common questions we are asked regarding our products are 1. Are they waterproof? and 2. Where can we buy a mounting post? In answer to the first question, we now have a waterproof model available in our custom range. To answer the second question our French distributor set out to find a reliable local supplier that would be able to manufacture and deliver posts to our European customers. I am pleased to say that we have found a suitable supplier and the first posts have already been shipped."

Although it was never part of the company strategy to expand into the mounting post business it became clear that the lack of posts was actually limiting the potential market for the shade sail product. Shade sails most commonly have three or four sides and a typical installation on a terrace next to a house will allow two mounting points on the wall of the house. The remaining mounting points will need to be further away from the house and there may not be another building or suitably large tree in the right place.

The newly introduced mounting posts are available in two basic types - one for embedding in concrete and the other with a mounting plate for bolting down to a solid surface. They are available in a range of diameters, depending on the size of the sail and the wind conditions - larger sails and windier conditions requiring larger diameter posts. The posts are finished in brushed stainless steel or with a galvanised finish.

You can see the full range of posts here:

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