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Shadow Guardians: Bold New 'Light' Sci-Fi Novel Explores Tragedy's Effect on Individuals' Emotions & Interactions.

Written by Brett A. Lawrence, ‘Shadow Guardians’ takes its cue from legendary classics such as Star Trek and Star Wars; opting to replace profanity and gratuitous violence with a narrative that boasts true substance, intricacy and tact. As an unsuspecting group of individuals are forced to get know each other through tragedy – will their altered existence effect their collective outcome?


Lakewood, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Science Fiction is a true staple of the literary landscape; widely acclaimed for its unique use of alien creatures and out-of-this-world environments. However, while Mr. Lawrence tips his hat to the genre in his powerful new novel, his self-declared narrative of ‘light Science Fiction’ is giving readers something wholly unique.

‘Shadow Guardians’ uniquely fuses the genre’s most admirable facets with truly plausible fact, the unimaginable with the believable.


For Abigail and Dennis Webster it was supposed to be a quiet anniversary dinner out. Lindsey Maguire, a ruthless up-and-coming business executive, had things to do this night. For each this one evening will see their individual worlds turned upside down. Each will stand at the brink of eternity. For the Websters it will be a mid-air collision over a dark Puget Sound; Lindsey will run afoul of a vengeful subordinate as brutal as her.

Unknown to them, or anyone of Earth, an alien race will intervene at the point of death to extract them. They are the fortunate ones. Or are they? Nothing will be the same again as they learn the horrible truth behind their existence.

More immediate, they will have to learn to cope with each other as their altered existence lays bare the best and worst in the character of each.

As the author explains, he wanted to release a novel that didn’t use sex or violence to make its hard-hitting impact.

“Past novels I have read employed sex and/or profanity as plot devices, dialogue points, etc. I knew then that a good story did not depend on these items and, hence, from the outset, my aim was to dispense of these and instead opt for a good, honest story that would attract readers for the plot itself. In addition, I was inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars, two franchises that have perfected this,” says Lawrence.

Continuing, “I tried to develop common, everyday characters and then used historical precedents to paint a modern day scenario. For example; slave traders and an underground (or through space) railroad. Mostly, I wanted to explore the turmoil of emotions, situations, and consequences of different individuals thrown together by tragedy as they begin to interact with each other, both negative and positive.”

With just seven characters at play, Lawrence hopes his plot will also appeal to movie and television executives.

“There is not a cast of a thousand aliens or any need to build whacky other-planet sets. It’s a good wholesome story with a handful of very plausible characters. I’m extremely interested in pitching it for a possible made-for-TV movie script. If you’re also interested – get in touch!” he adds.

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Shadow Guardians’, published by Martin Sisters Publishing, is available now in paperback and ebook version at http://amzn.to/16hx0aM . It can also be found at:
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For more information and availability, visit the author’s website: http://www.brettlawrence.net/

About Brett Lawrence
Though he has written several science fiction stories, Shadow Guardians is Brett's first published novel. He is involved in such diverse interests as his church, donating platelets at the local donation center, astronomy and space exploration, and rockhounding and lapidary. He and his wife, Sherry, are both Air Force brats and have made the Lakewood, Washington area their home for over forty years, thirty-six of it married. They have two sons, four grandchildren, and two cats to keep them busy. Both are employed by the State of Washington in Lakewood.