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Shanghai Tokyo Café Is Serving Up Chinese, Japanese and Thai Food in College Park MD


College Park, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Shanghai Tokyo Café is bringing the taste of Asia to College Park, MD. With a mix of Japanese, Thai and  Chinese food in College Park , guests can get nearly anything Asian they desire, even sushi.

Since the arrival of large volumes of Asian and Pacific-rim immigrants to the shores of the United States, their customs and cuisines have been adopted and included by the culture that became Americana. Asian food, whether Chinese take-out, Mongolian or Korean barbecue, from Japanese sushi, to Vietnamese phò (soup), spicy Thai noodles, or vivacious Singaporean delicacies, Americans have developed an eclectic and bold taste for traditional Asian food and cooking customs.

With such a range of diverse tastes and textures, spices and raw ingredients that are simply absent from predominately Indo-European climates, cuisines, and palates, it should be no surprise that ‘different’ is fun and exciting. And, where there is novelty, there is desire and an appeal that has blossomed into an American past time, given the progression of the national appetite for Asian food.

It is quite obvious that this cultural facet is set to expand its horizons further as more ethnic, Asian nationals immigrate to the US. The prosperous Asian foods niche in the market that currently prevails across American culture will likely see future growth. And with quantity, will certainly yield quality, and a variety of options in a shifting but welcoming consumer economy amid the facets of an amorphous national culture.

Among the defining values of Asian cuisine and cooking style are simplicity and balance, while preparation has been described as  “meticulous” and “consumption” a “ceremonious and deliberate”  affair. Shared parallels amid the composition and creation of Asian dishes, namely the  small presence of meat, with an emphasis upon vegetables, but fundamentally rice  is a defining feature. And the cooking techniques applied when preparing a meal are considered to be of equal importance to the ingredients utilized.

Experience Asia all at one place and eat deliciously healthy food that the whole family will enjoy. The atmosphere at Shanghai Tokyo is family-friendly, making it a great restaurant for any outing. For  food in College Park , consider the taste of Asia at Shanghai Tokyo.

About Shanghai Tokyo Café
Shanghai Tokyo Café is a family-friendly restaurant in College Park, MD serving Asian dishes from China, Japan and Thailand. Every dish is made with fresh and savory ingredients that make the food not only delicious, but healthy as well. Come enjoy a complete sushi menu as well. Bring the whole family or close friends and taste Asia right in College Park.

8300 Baltimore Ave. Suite 102
College Park, MD 20740