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Shanghai Weiye Manufactures and Supplies Optic Fiber Cable Equipments

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd is a China based company is involved in research and manufacturing of fiber optical cable machinery. As a professional manufacturer, it has more than a decade of experience.


Fengxian, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2015 -- Optical fibers are primarily used as a means to transmit light between two ends of a fiber. It is a great substitute to metal wires as signals pass through them with lesser amount of loss. These fibers also provide ample resistance against electromagnetic interference, a problem suffered by metal wires. Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd specializes in the production and supply of optic fiber cable equipment and machinery. Annual production volume reaches at 30 million USD and the company has a self owned manufacturing facility.

The China based firm has SZ stranding line with a working speed of up to 100m per minute. It has already reached the European standards. It also consists of central member pay off, SZ oscillator cable, multi-sheave dance controller, concentric yarn binder, etc. Other technical parameters include SZ oscillator speed of maximum 1800rpm. The yarn binder speed comes at maximum 4000rpm. Lay length of the SZ strangding pitch ranges from 40mm to 150mm. The yarn binding pitch has a lay length of 15mm-50mm. There is always a high insistence on quality and resolution on the customer service.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd has secondary coating line with a maximum working speed of 350m per minute. It consists of 24 optical fiber pay off, jelly degassing, and filling device. There is also extruding group 50mm, hot water trough, hot water tank, cooling trough and chiller, diameter gauge and wheel capstan dancer of over length control. Fiber coloring machine is available which is used for both coloring and rewinding of optic fiber. There is also an auto centralizing unit for fiber pay off. A traversing unit with photoelectric sensor also assures take up with no overlaps.

The company also supplies sheathing line for fiber optic cable with up to 90mm or 120mm screw extruder. Sheathing features a variety of components such as yarn server pay off with tension dancer, steel tape pay off, welder, jib crane, steel tape splice table, etc. There is also armor powder application system for cone forming, water blocking tape pay off and more. Shanghai Weiye is presently a joint venture company after coming into partnership terms with Tongding Group.

Manufacturing space of the Chinese firm is vastly spread over 4000 sqm. This production plant features a welding workshop, metal working workshop, electric components assembling workshop, surface treating workshop, and more. The company has almost 100 or more employees working hard day and night. Engineers, technicians, and other staff people of the company have a combined experience of many years in the field.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd
Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and seller of high quality optic fiber cable equipment. It has more than 30 million USD of production volume on a yearly basis with almost 100 people working. Visit the website for more information on the products and services offered.

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