Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., LTD Manufactures Optical Fibre Cable Machines

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company Limited manufactures high-end OFC machines. It specialises in the production of different machines pertaining to optical fibres.


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- Optical fibre cable is one of the highly useful inventions of the recent age. The cables contain optical fibres that are capable of carrying light. It is a very significant invention in the modern age when safe and fast transmission of data is in high demand. Shanghai Weiye OFC Company Limited plays an important role towards mass production of optical fibre cables. The Chinese company specialises in manufacturing machines such as Fiber tight buffer production line that are used for manufacturing optical fibre cables. It has been engaged in research in fibre optics and its subsequent development for more than a decade.

Optical fibre cables are among the most advanced physical media of data transmission in the world today. The cables are capable of conducting light from source to the desired location despite curves and bends in its course. It implies that packets of data can be sent at a speed close to that of light. Research is still going on in the field and Shanghai Weiye has been of the consistent researchers and developers of the relevant technology. Manufacturing of advanced products such as optical fibre cables requires technologically advanced machines such as fiber ribbon line, which is included in the production range of Shanghai Weiye too.

The range of optical fibre cable machines manufactured by Shanghai Weiye include fibre colouring machine, secondary coating line, sheathing line, SZ stranding line and many more production equipment. The complete list of optical fibre cable production machines features a dozen of different equipment on it. All types of equipment are made to offer efficiency and meet the expectation of optical fibre cable manufacturers. The components of FTTH Drop Cable Production Line are exemplary of the quality of Shanghai Weiye machines. A single unit is comprised of electrical control system, 70-metre horizontal accumulator, cable dryer, cooling system, swing arm type dancer, fibre pay-off and other essential as well as advanced components.

The dry tube production line and the optic fiber ribbon line are made of equally efficient components. The adherence to high standards of production and employment of large number of engineers ensure the quality that Shanghai Weiye promises in all its optical fibre cable production equipment. Around 30% of the total human resource employed by the Chinese company is engineers. Moreover, considerable numbers of technicians and engineers have experience of around 10 years in the domain. The ownership of the production facility, which occupies more than 4,000 square metres, also enables Shanghai Weiye to have full control over the production and quality of equipment.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Co., Ltd
Shanghai Weiye OFC Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company located Nanqiao Region of Fengxian District. It has been in research and manufacturing of optical fibre cable equipment for more than 15 years. Its current annual production volume hovers around $30 million in worth. The company has its own factory.

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