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Shannon Fine Jewelry Announces Solutions to Sizings and Repairs

Based in Houston, Texas, Shannon Fine Jewelry has been in business since 1978. This company is announcing their solutions to jewelry appraisals, ring sizing’s, and jewelry repairs.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2016 -- Shannon Fine Jewelry has been doing custom jewelry designing to truly fit the many personalities of their customers. Their team is world famous for the distinctive jewelry that they have created. A large part of Shannon Fine Jewelry's reputation rests on each piece being tailored for the individual and the event that it is purchased for. This company is said to go to great lengths to ensure these pieces are all one of a kind and suited the man or woman who will wear them.

Having repairs done to jewelry can make most jewelry owners pretty nervous. Many do not trust just anyone with their prized possessions. Shannon Fine Jewelry employs very experienced staff members and designers who have the training and knowledge to repair any type of jewelry, offering the latest techniques and solutions. From watches to necklaces, and rings to bracelets, the staff is patient, prepared, and knowledgeable. Jewelry sizing can change, especially when passed from one person to another. Their solutions are modern and seamless and this company is equipped to handle these issues delicately and with as little disruption to the composition of the piece as possible.

Shannon Fine Jewelry is also known for doing appraisals on jewelry that its customers have inherited or purchased. For anyone who wants to know the entire value of their collection of fine jewelry, Shannon Fine Jewelry's staff are renown for their expertise. They all have been educated in the world of jewelry, gems, and minerals and they know the value and worth of fine jewelry. They know how to detect if pieces are genuine or counterfeit.

Along with all of these services, Shannon Fine Jewelry provides its customers with some of the finest jewelry in the Houston, Texas area. They offer their customers quite a few different collections to help them find the perfect gifts for those special occasions. One of the collections featured at Shannon Fine Jewelry is a very large Pandora bracelet, necklace, and charm gallery. The staff here knows how popular the Pandora brand has become and they want to meet all of their customer's needs by having a large quantity on hand.

Shannon Fine Jewelry also has a very large collection of Crown rings. Many of these rings are made with alternative metals such as titanium, cobalt, tungsten carbide, and black titanium. Engagement and wedding rings can be bought from this collection and Shannon Fine Jewelry can order them directly from the makers. These rings feature a classic or a modern look. As there are quite a few to choose from, the staff at Shannon Fine Jewelry will make suggestions to best fit the customer's tastes and needs.

Once inside Shannon Fine Jewelry, customers will see the large collection of jewelry that they have to offer. With their many years of experience in this field, the owners Gary Zoet and John Wren know exactly what their customers like. They have spent many years in this business and pride themselves on designing and selling some of the finest jewelry in the world.

Shannon Fine Jewelry provides information on their service and products at

Shannon Fine Jewelry
6944 Cypress Creek Pkwy.
Houston, Texas 77069