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Shannon Fine Jewelry Announces Their Upcoming Diamond Jubilee

Shannon Fine Jewelry is announcing their upcoming event called the Diamond Jubilee. This event will take place on May 7th- May 14th.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- Shannon Fine Jewelry is a company that operates out of Houston. This company has been in the fine jewelry business for many years. The founders of Shannon Fine Jewelry are Gary Zoet and John Wren and together they have decades of knowledge and experience with jewelry that they want to share with their customers, both new and old. The two of them started out in unfavorable conditions and have slowly worked their way up the ladder to bring their customers quality jewelry, leading designs, and artistry.

For the decades that Shannon Fine Jewelry has been in business, they have been holding special events for their customers. The Diamond Jubilee is no different. This is a diamond event where the customers of Shannon Fine Jewelry can look at, examine, and learn about all classes of diamonds. Customers can truly get the most bang for their buck if they transition from looking to selecting while attending the Diamond Jubilee event. The event happens annually and the people at Shannon Fine Jewelry put on quite a display, showcasing, of course, diamonds.

Many diamonds in the engagement ring category at the Diamond Jubilee have been custom made by the craftsmen that work for Shannon Fine Jewelry. These craftsmen have been in the business collectively for over 40 years and they provide fine work and detailing for each and every customer.

In past years, the Diamond Jubilee has helped educate men about diamonds so that they could better choose an engagement ring for their fiancé, or perhaps select the perfect anniversary gift. Many events have taught them about finding the right color, the right cut, and the right metal to give their future bride. These events have also helped Shannon Fine Jewelry's customers understand more about size and weight of carats when making selections.

Along with the Diamond Jubilee, Shannon Fine Jewelry hosts other events throughout the year. These events range in focus from diamonds, anniversaries, gemstone trunk shows, and much more. More information can find out about these special events through their website,

All of the many events that Shannon Fine Jewelry holds are open to all of their existing clients, along with anyone whose interest is piqued. They will give their customers updates and announce these events as they come up. By keeping an eye on their website, updates can be had on the latest information about these events.

Shannon Fine Jewelry
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