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Hamilton, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- “Scientific yoga instructor” Kris Fondranhas produced a new Yoga program called “Shape Shifter Yoga”. Featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Fitness, and the Yoga Journal, it has become very popular, very quickly. Catering to absolute beginners as well as advanced experts, Shape Shifter Yoga It is a science based yoga program that helps ANYONE burn fat fast, reduce stress and increase flexibility, making you look and feel younger in only 28 days. Shape Shifter Yoga is also very effective for people dealing with pain issues. The yoga moves in the program help you reduce your aches and pains, helping to put a spring in your step and giving you higher energy levels.

With the Shape Shifter Yoga Program one receives everything he/she needs to start a new and healthy life. The program includes an extensive yoga manual, a detailed yoga pose manual, a yoga pose video library, a routine guide with follow along videos, plus valuable bonuses - an audio library, a specialist companion guide called 'Ninja Secrets of Flexibility', and meditation audio support kit to help you take your relaxation to the next level.Shape Shifter Yoga comes with a 60 money back guarantee, so you can try Kris Fondran’s new life-changing program absolutely risk-free. Of course even highly recommended programs like Shape Shifter Yoga won't work unless you are committed to the program. You need to be willing to put in an effort so you can see the rewards. The main thing you have to do is START. Once you see just how easy and relaxing Shape Shifter Yoga is, you'll be hooked! Kris Fondran is a well known Yoga Instructor, she has been teaching yoga for over a decade. She has developed a extensive and easy to follow program.

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