ShareGood: A New Startup Crowdsourcing to Launch an Alternative Social Network for Change

The ShareGood Team is Making Inroads in Establishing Itself as The Pre-Eminent Platform For People Passionate About Helping Charities and Worthy Charities Excel.


Malta -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2016 -- When we talk about technological leaps that transformed society over the last two decades, we inevitably think about the internet, in particular how it interconnected people and information on an unimaginable scale.

The internet moved from being social, to being mobile and now wearable. Yet although it brought people around the world closer together through various networks there is still something that is felt missing – basically the need to connect those good things and acts of kindness that make us proud to be human. To elevate the human spirit.

This is the goal that is being addressed by a startup project named ShareGood, currently seeking funding on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The team behind the project is aiming at developing the first social network that is focused on connecting organizations and individuals doing good initiatives around the world together.

As one member of the ShareGood team explained: "There are many communities and individuals who are constantly doing charitable work, helping out, mending what is broken and uplifting or inspiring others to be better. The social platform is thus intended to bring all this in one place and make it visible. To allow people to see that after all there is a lot of goodness out there and that we can share it out loud to make a difference."

The idea was born out of a very simple observation – that social networks online are a reflection of social networks in real life. Often the noise from negative or trivial information takes over, thus making it very hard to pick up more meaningful information. It makes those good things happening around us everyday less visible. Even before the era of the internet we were already drowning in constant negative news and media from mainstream TV networks. We became alienated and most of us grew insensitive or cynical to world issues. We stopped believing in the magic.

The people behind ShareGood think that this phenomenon is one of focus. Positive and uplifting news such as acts of kindness and success stories that touch people's heart and inspire change are out of focus – they are dispersed and lost. But what if they are reinforced and amplified by being shared and interconnected in one growing network? What if we were to kickstart a global movement for change based on sharing good, positivity, supporting and paying it forward to others?

About ShareGood
ShareGood will have all the features of a social network, allowing people to connect, communicate, form groups, post and share information both on web and mobile apps. Furthermore, the team is planning to add more feature developments such as the ability to create petitions online, create causes and raise funds.

You can support the ShareGood vision by visiting and backing up the project on their Indiegogo page.

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