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SharePointTraining.org Redesigns Information Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- The SharePoint training Website was recently redesigned to make information searches more straightforward for those learning about SharePoint training and certification. The Website provides information about Microsoft SharePoint training and SharePoint certification for individuals and corporations.

With more than one in five knowledge workers today having access to Microsoft SharePoint, the program has literally changed the way businesses work. As the user base continues to grow to staggering proportions, the need for and interest in training and certification has skyrocketed. The information Website SharePointTraining.org was established to help knowledge workers assess their training options. “We’ve learned a great deal about how those searching the site need to access the information about SharePoint training,” said a SharePointTraining.org team member. “The Website redesign makes it much simpler for everyone to search the entire sight or find specific information to create a SharePoint training plan of attack.”

The program has introduced an ever-expanding revolution for many businesses by making it easy to set up Websites to share information, projects, documents and more with coworkers, employees, and contractors. With easy report publishing and document editing, the software makes it simple for companies to stay organized and to keep everyone on the same page throughout a project.

The SharePoint information Website has detailed articles about SharePoint training, where to find tutorials and where to obtain in-depth training courses. “We explain the differing types of Microsoft SharePoint training including training specific to developers and IT professionals, which is more rigorous, as well as courses for knowledge workers looking to complete projects,” said the team member.

The Website also delves deeply into the various types of SharePoint certification, what they require and their benefits in the working world. “For administrators and developers, SharePoint certification shows that you have all of the knowledge and skills required to administer and create an enterprise-based SharePoint server environment,” said the Website team member.

In addition to this information, the Website team emphasizes the importance of maximizing training and its benefits. “Even though the application is easy to use and understand, those with a training budget should consider all the training they can get because the more information you have, the more opportunity you will discover in your career,” said the team member. For more information, please visit http://www.sharepointtraining.org/

About SharePointTraining.org
The SharePointTraining.org team is dedicated to spreading the word about this excellent Microsoft product. They emphasize proper training and certification to ensure businesses are able to take advantage of all the features and benefits of using this software in a corporate setting. The Website explores online and classroom training as well as the cost considerations, types of available certification and their ramifications.