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Sharetize Launches New Social Media Marketing Platform, Pays You to Recommend Things to Your Friends


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Sharetize’s patent pending system leverages personal relationships to distribute marketing campaigns via social network conversations and connections. Almost every TV show or movie you see now integrates ads into their programming as commercials have become less effective. Banner and text ads have suffered the same fate, they are obvious and easily tuned out.

Social networks users are there for one reason - to see what their friends are up to, not to look at ads. The networks have been struggling to fix this fundamental problem.

Sharetize solves two problems. First, advertisers want into the social media marketing but currently they have few options that are actually effective. Two, social network users have no easy way to monetize their network of friends and followers. Extra money is greatly desired especially in our current economy.

Sharetize ads are called “expressions”. Expressions are written like any other post you will find and not like an ad. For example: “A specialty sandwich shop called Meat and Bread just opened up and I heard it is good. Will check it out ASAP!” OR “Checkout the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man coming this summer looks awesome!”

Nielsen's BrandLift says "Social Ads Shared Amongst Friends Are Most Effective. 68% of people are more likely to remember the ad, 2x more likely to remember the ads message, 4x more likely to purchase."

The Sharetize blog features more on social media marketing to help advertisers enter this very effective domain. Sharetize has found that an expression within the online conversation is powerful in multiples. Celebrities are already monetizing their networks this way. Sharetize pays the little guy fees for expressions in his own micro-channels. These expressions are brand messages that are offered via the Sharetize system as “Voices”.

Voices greatly increase the effectiveness of campaigns by allowing Sharetizers to choose ad copy that sounds like their own words. Sharetizers are able to engage their friends in a voice that is authentic to their own persona. This not only makes the Sharetizer more comfortable in posting but makes the campaign much more effective.

This type of user engagement is what advertisers have been waiting for. Campaigns are managed via an interface that integrates multiple social networks so advertisers can target demographics, social circle size, network, and interests.

Charity Fundraising was the driving force of the development Sharetize system and provides non-profit organizations with the ability to instantly mobilize their supporter base and raise money for their cause. Their supporters signup and start Sharetizing, but instead of keeping their earnings, they are able to deposit them to their chosen charity groups account. These organizations could be a football team, a cancer charity, a school or any club. Sharetize is a powerful fundraising tool that will change how charities raise money.

The recent Sharetize social media marketing launch also introduced the Sharetize Platform, which will monetize social media marketing and will give advertisers a more effective way to reach customers.

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Sharetize Inc is a company that pays people to recommend brands and products to their friends. It is a content publishing marketplace that that brings advertisers and publishers together facilitating pay-per-click and pay-per-post transactions in the form of social network posts/recommendations and articles. Through the company’s online platform,, information on Sharetize and its workings can be viewed. The company also has a dedicated blog which publishes latest news and tips on how to use social networking sites to boost businesses.

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