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Sharetize Provides a Social Media Tool to Help Investor Relations Firms Build on Shareholder Value


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- Since the launch of the innovative social media marketing tool by Sharetize, new possibilities and uses of the tool are being identified by many businesses. The tool may become one of the most comprehensive modes of communication as the opportunities it offers seem endless. One recently identified advantage of the tool is to assist investor relations firms communicate with investors and shareholders.

The Sharetize social media marketing tool can help the investor relations firms publish company achievements and news. Apart from the distribution of the details and happenings of the company, the investor relations social media presence can also reduce communication gaps between the company and individual investors. With the declining effectiveness of traditional ads, the social media marketing platform could become a vital form of communication as information can be easily customized, managed and deployed.

A recent study by comScore showed that personal recommendations through social media are one of the most effective marketing techniques today. The ability to mobilize fan base is one of the key aspects of social media marketing. However, the study also suggested that the biggest driver of sales is concentrating on the most avid fans and not solely on counts of clicks or actions. If companies can get their top fans to recommend their products and services to their friends the likely hood of sales increases many fold.

Investor Relations firms can use this strategy suggested by comScore through their shareholders. The IR department can use the tool to create personal creative campaigns and can distribute them amongst shareholders. Shareholders have personal interest in growth of a company and their recommendations will help build a share value. The dual financial gain of posting campaigns and helping their investments grow can become an effective and effortless form of marketing for Investor Relations firms.

The idea to launch a platform to monetize social media marketing by Sharetize has opened up many new possibilities for businesses. Sharetize’s innovative plan to combine both advertisers and publishers in the same network can produce great outcomes due to its win-win results.

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