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Shark Vacuum Cleaners Become Top Choice for Homeowners with Pets and Hardwood Floor


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2017 -- Recent data shows that more and more homeowners are making efforts to keep pets in their homes. This has become a common trend after findings have been made by psychologists that keeping pets at home helps maintain a healthy emotional state among humans. With daily pet hair to deal with, people are increasingly opting for shark vacuum cleaners to keep the home clean and hair-free.

Currently, sales have skyrocketed among the 3 major categories. Homeowners have revealed that they popularly opt for shark vacuums because of its ease of navigation. The traditional models are easy to use and lightweight. The rotator allows for swivel steering. The latest models come in ergonomically designed model, which in turn allows for deep cleaning. Younger users especially opt for the rocket, which is efficient in cleaning and lightweight. Budget buyers have frequently find themselves purchasing the bag-less models. This helps in saving up a lot of cash from buying multiple bags. The lightweight models are products that consist more than 90 per cent of the sales. By spending a few more bucks on attachments, homeowners find themselves saving more money because it can be used for multiple purposes, thereby eliminating the need to buy additional cleaning equipments. For most cleaners, hardwood floor has been the most tricky to clean. With the high risk of scratches to the floor, residents are opting for the highly sensitive models that takes care of this. Rubber wheels have popularly offers a scratch free maneuvering around the house while cleaning. Some of the latest models ensure that the beater brush can be detached for exclusive uses. Usually, the ideal pick for homeowners with hardwood floor have been those models that come with soft brush that is attached upright. The suction additionally removes fine particles with minimal contact with the floor.

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