Shata Chemical

Shata Chemical Manufactures Wide Range of Chemical Products and Equipment

Shata Chemical manufactures photocure, photoinitiators, anti-oxidants, flame retardants, UV absorbers, light stabilisers and pharm-intermediates. It specialty chemicals are exporters to various countries.


Nanjing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Chemicals are used from domestic purposes to industrial manufacturing. Commercially sold chemicals that people use are different from industry-grade chemicals, which are strong and are produced through critical processes. Shata Chemical is a company that has gained significant reputation in manufacturing of various chemical products such as anti-oxidants and chemical equipment pharm intermediates. It manufactures wide ranges of chemicals and related equipment that are used for different industrial purposes such as light stabilisation and UV absorption. From purchase of raw material for to finish of the production cycle, Shata Chemical stresses on high quality at every stage of manufacturing process to provide to supply the best products into the market.

The quality of Shata Chemical has earned the reputation of reliable manufacturer for the company as its clientele continues to expand. Its products are exported to various countries throughout the word. The company focuses on its unique products formulation to maintain the edge over its competitors. Through the 20 years since its establishment, Shata Chemical has consistently improved its process to have the most pragmatic approach towards research, development and supply of additives for pharm intermediates, packaging, elastomers, coatings, rubbles, polymers, plastics and speciality fine chemical industries.

Shata Chemical manufactures efficient anti-oxidants that can prevent polymer material from deterioration due to oxidation, which occurs in organic chemical compounds in the presence oxygen, light or heat. The anti-oxidants manufactured by Shata Chemical are effective on petroleum products, synthetic fibres, plastics and Isoprene, Neoprene, Styrene-butadiene and natural rubbers. The company is one of the leaders in the production of photocure too. Its photoinitiators are much more affordable, environmentally friendly, energy saving, economical and enabling, have good stability and offer long term storage. They efficiently absorb external radiation in UV radiation zones and generate free radical to promote cross-linking monomer compound.

Like all products of Shata Chemical, its UV absorbers meet industrial standards and have wide application in synthetic fibres, rubbers, plastics, automotive coatings and other industries. Triazine, Benzotriazole and Benzophenone are the classes of light stabilizers to which the absorbers belong. They are non-corrosive and non-flammable, are compatible with other polymers and offer good storage. Light stabilizers of Shata Chemical effectively absorb or shield electromagnetic solar radiation, which cause degradation of polymers rendering them deteriorated and useless. Shata Chemical UV absorbers render the radiation harmless and emit as heat energy. The strict quality control and quality assurance process, dedicated and innovative development approach efficient supply chain of Shata Chemical have helped the company expand its market while meeting customer expectation.

About Shata Chemical
Shata Chemical is a manufacturer of photocure, anti-oxdiants, UV absorbers, light stabilizers and pharm-intermediates in China. Its factory is located in Ecomic Development Zone of Lishui District in Nanjing while its office is in Hongye Building at Shigu Road in Nanjing. The company controls full cycle from raw-material purchase to export of finished chemicals and equipment.


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