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Shawn Whitson Cool Trader Pro Launches Robotic Trading Software Online Orientation


Sulphur Springs, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Statistics reveal more than 75 percent of amateur stock market investments fail. Further research indicates, even with trading experience, up to 48 percent of ventures are unsuccessful. According to these studies, fear and greed, along with human error and lack of adequate knowledge of the stock market, are the most common factors involved in loss of capital. The majority of investors, both professional and amateur, are unaware of the availability of robotic trading software. In an effort to recruit affiliates and increase success rates within the stock market, Shawn Whitson, registered affiliate for Cool Trader Pro, has launched an online orientation dedicated to education regarding this software.

Whitson, registered affiliate and Regional Director in Texas for Cool Trader Pro, confirmed, "History has proven, human nature is the very reason for the failure of most attempts at stock trading. The average person doesn't stand a chance at making consistent daily financial gains when trading on their own because the deck is stacked against them. The common trader simply does not have enough knowledge about how to consistently win the stock market game. Most people don't even have enough free time to dedicate to trading in front of a computer screen for hours per day, unless that is their profession. With today's technology in place, over 70 percent of all trading is now done by institutional investors via computer. Obviously, nobody can calculate and react as fast as a computer."

"Most people respond far too emotionally to their trading activities, understandably so considering their money is at stake," Whitson continued, "Humans are also susceptible to fatigue, which leads to bad decisions. Computers know nothing of fear, greed or exhaustion. By implementing the Cool Trader Pro robotic software, trading is done without interference from the human element. A computer unfailingly wins against the world's best Chess Champions, and it will do the same when applied to the stock market. This software makes the stock market a safer place to trade. We have created the world's first fully automated robotic trader and made it available to the public. Our one of a kind technology trades the user's portfolio on "??full automatic". It turns itself on and off, in correlation with the beginning and end of each stock market business day. Our product features ??Stealth Mode Programming, which means no orders are ever floated in public view. No programming is required, simply point and click. Free set-up and training are also included."

Whitson went on to explain, "Our software comes with a Simulation Mode that is available 24/7, allowing the user to practice trading until he or she feels ready to begin the real process. Our product is already available in 40 countries and has been translated into six languages. We have sold 14,000 to date with only positive reviews. This is a form of artificial intelligence not marketed to the masses until now. We encourage potential affiliates to attend our orientation webinar occurring this month only. We are searching for 'Registered Affiliates' to sign up, and be eligible for referral commissions of up to $1,500 per sale. Sign-up is completely free of charge this month only."

About Shawn Whitson Cool Trader Pro
Shawn Whitson is a registered affiliate for Cool Trader Pro, as well as Regional Director in Texas. He, along with Cool Trader Pro, provides the world's first fully automated, robotic trading software available for public use.