ApplenMicro Unveils Anonymous Infidelity DNA Testing Service, a DNA testing service targeting men suspecting their wife or girlfriend of cheating, has announced the availability of an anonymous infidelity DNA testing service.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- She Cheated, a company providing DNA testing services for men who suspect their wives or girlfriends of cheating, has recently unveiled the Anonymous Infidelity DNA testing service. Once a form, sample, and payment are sent to the company, the results of the test are sent via email notification.

To submit a DNA sample, the company provides a form on its website, complete with detailed instructions and photographic examples, to print out and mail. Details on what items are suitable for DNA collection, how to collect the sender’s DNA, and the correct way to label an anonymous envelope are provided here. Payment is accepted via money order.

The results of the DNA testing service can be a DNA detection or comparison of samples, based on the wishes of the sender. Results are available within three to seven days. Once men submit the evidence to She Cheated, the results of the DNA test can confirm or deny suspicions their wife or girlfriend is cheating.

As part of the DNA testing service, materials accepted by the company include panties, panty liners, condoms, and sheets which have been exposed to body fluids. These DNA samples are placed in a paper bag or envelope, then shipped in the mail by husbands or boyfriends suspecting their female partners of infidelity. The samples go to the company’s laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona. The Anonymous Infidelity DNA Test can be used for DNA detection or comparison. She Cheated Advanced Infidelity DNA Comparison confirms cheating by seeking a non match between the reference and evidence DNA. The Standard Infidelity DNA Detection test looks for the presence of male DNA.

A standard DNA detection test costs $150, while an advanced comparison is $200 additional. For more information on the Anonymous Infidelity DNA Test and others provided by the company, visit

About She Cheated
A division of iTest DNA, LLC, She Cheated provides DNA testing services for men suspecting their wives and girlfriends of infidelity. The company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, employs a team with combined experience of over 30 years and guarantees its tests are at least 99.9% accurate. It offers several DNA testing services, including an anonymous infidelity test, based on tried and tested forensic methods.