Joe Bragg Gains Dieters Attention by Demystifying the Science Behind Losing Weight


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- Losing weight is a tricky process, and many people find it incredibly difficult. It’s usually regarded as a real struggle. Often reason for the difficulty is a lack of knowledge rather than a lack of commitment. The human body is a complicated machine, and it’s difficult to know intuitively what will get the best weight loss results.

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A spokesperson for the website said: “We set out to completely demystify the world of losing weight. If you’ve never had to do it, losing weight might seem really simple. Just eat less, and exercise more, right? Well for those who struggle with their weight, it isn’t quite so easy. It’s a matter of deciding exactly what to eat, how much and when. It’s also difficult to know which exercises will be effective and which will just be a waste of time. It takes a concerted and intelligent strategy to lose weight quickly, and to formulate that strategy you need some knowledge. That’s where we come in, we test and share data on numerous diets and weight loss strategies. Our site is absolutely packed full of useful weight loss tips and other informative articles, helping people put together a weight loss strategy that will actually be effective. We also offer codes for significant discounts on weight loss programs. It’s a comprehensive online weight loss resource.”

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