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Sheffield Locksmith Transcends Industry Norms by Waiving Call out Fees for Services

Reducing the cost of being locked out takes some of the sting out of an already difficult situation, reports Sheffield Locksmith Today


Sheffield, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- According to industry statistics, an average of 7,500 people in the Sheffield area find themselves locked out of their vehicles each year with at least another 2,000 being unable to gain entry to their homes or businesses. Compounding an already frustrating and potentially dangerous situation, many locksmiths charge an estimated 80-100 pounds to simply respond to a call in addition to the price of any replacement parts and labor costs. Having spent a number of years providing locksmith services to Sheffield and the surrounding areas, the staff of Sheffield Locksmith Today has made raising the bar for customer service their mission.

As the latest in a long line of courtesies afforded their customers, spokesperson Alan Rundale has announced the company will now be waiving their call out fees. Rundale confirmed, "We know first hand the effect being locked out of the home, office or vehicle can have on a person; it's frightening and embarrassing for most. The typical fee for a call out only adds insult to injury, which is why we have decided to eliminate this unnecessary expense for our customers."

Unlike vehicles manufactured decades ago, wire coat hangars will no longer suffice for unlocking a vehicle from the outside. The more high-tech version of this dated solution comes in the form of the classic slim jim. J and L tools are also widely used by an auto locksmith in Sheffield, along with additional guides designed for reaching different types of locking mechanisms hidden behind vehicle door panels. Specially designed lock picks are also helpful in some cases, as are the more universal wedges.

Other tools of the trade are bump keys, which are essentially key blanks with individual tools for specific vehicle models. Not all unlocking methods will work for all vehicles, particularly newer models, so having access to a number of different tools appropriate for all makes and models is vital for a locksmith to provide the most efficient and effective customer service. Rundale noted Sheffield Locksmith Today is among the few Sheffield locksmith services to offer all these options while continuing to update their tool inventory as new vehicle models are released.

Concluded Rundale, "Our goal is to treat all our customers as we would like to be treated in their situation. In addition to vehicle lockouts, we also offer 24 hour emergency assistance with lost key replacements, broken key removals and lock repairs and installations; of course, we strive to provide the fastest, most affordable aid possible to those in our extensive service area."

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