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Sheltered by Grace New Article Sheds Light on Homeless Statistics


Waterford, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Sheltered by Grace, an Australian charity in Logan, Brisbane shared a new informative article on their website that shed light upon the serious subject of homelessness, homeless statistics and issues with Australian Government's approach towards reduction of the problem. Many believe that a prosperous country such as Australia would not be suffering from issues such as homelessness, however current statistics shared by SBG suggest otherwise. Sheltered by Grace believe that with the combined efforts of the government and other community organizations homeless people can be effectively helped.

"Alarming ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) facts showing that one in 200 Australians are homeless, obviates an urgency to address this escalating need." - Sheltered By Grace New Article.

Australia has over 105,000 people who are homeless currently, and are forced to live on the streets, without a roof over their heads and anxious about the possibility of the next meal and their security. The alarming state of homelessness statistics proves that there is a disparity between the measure taken by the Government and what should actually be done to counter the situation.

"In order to curb our homeless statistics, one homeless shelter, Sheltered By Grace believes that bold collective impact and different thinking could bring a new approach in order to streamline the funding and help provided by both government and other community organizations such as homeless shelters and their suppliers in order to be more productive." – Statistics on Homelessness Article by SBG

Handing out money directly to the affected is not the best approach because it can be counterproductive if the money is spent of drugs and alcohol. A proper channel should be created that focus on procedural uniformity with sound follow-up and fact finding, is a much better approach that keeps track of the progress while solving the issue in a more effective manner.

The homeless are exposed to many difficulties including serious medical problems and mental illnesses. These illnesses are costly to treat and require special care therefore it is important that the homeless spend as little time as possible on the streets so that the government does not have to spend more money on the treatment of the illnesses caused due to the difficulties faced by such people.

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Sheltered by Grace is a homeless shelter based in Logan, Brisbane. We are passionate about the transformation of lives, and do this through supported accommodation with 24-hour onsite support and a full case management program.

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