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ShenZhen YaCai Produces Complete Range of in-Store Storage Items

ShenZhen YaCai Display Limited is Chinese manufacturing company that makes wide range of storage items such as stands and boxes for in-store product-promotion.


Gongming Town, Shenzhen -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Display of products is one of the most critical aspects in retail industry. The quality of the product and the service of salesmen directly impact the customer-retention. However, customers can appreciate quality only after they purchase a product. Point of sale displays manufactured by ShenZhen YaCai Display Limited attracts the attention of visitors by making the right impression inside a store or mall. Attractive promotional display on showcases and product-stands of relevant items are very effective to convince visitors to try the displayed goods. Besides, efficient displays also compliment service of salesmen. Thus, promotional displays are the first step towards flourishing long-term sales.

YaCai China Factory manufactures display stands, pallet displays and consumer and industrial boxes for companies in different domains. It caters to demands of both local and international companies such as H&B Corporation, PiNO, Virloy, Coca-Cola, Burn, Nutrition & Sante, Biarritz Thalasso Resort and Burn Energy Drinks along with many others. The China Cardboard Displays of ShenZhen YaCai are used in numerous big and small shopping malls throughout the world and its consumer boxes are used to pack and deliver purchased products. Being a complete source of display and goods storage equipment, YaCai does not stop at the range of business – consumer products and makes industrial boxes and storage items.

Point of sale displays are very effective tool for marketing products at the right place and at the right time. They potentially increase the customer to visitor ratio for a store or mall. Boxcraft display stands have become very popular in urban shopping centres. With the assurance for durability of such stands, YaCai ensures that every retailer who wants it can have one. Retailers dealing in different product-niches have different requirement. Besides, even retailers in the same domain want to be outstanding in the herd to make solid statement of exclusivity. While Pallet Displays are great means of presenting product-ranges, customisation cannot be ruled out. This is where YaCai gains edge over many other display manufacturers.

ShenZhen YaCai Display Limited China Factory accommodates customisation request to extreme extents. First, the Chinese company has enough varieties to meet various requirement of different small-scale stores and shops. It products can easily fit the bill in even malls that are ambitiously unique. However, whether it is big malls or small shops, YaCai accepts and progressively works with all its clients to provide totally and partially customised pallet displays. Enterprise need to specify their requirement to customer service centre of YaCai. The company designs and structures a template and sends it for verification. Clients can make further changes or specify design flaws to receive modified template. Only after a template is validated by clients, YaCai sends it for final production.

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YaCai Display Limited was established in ShenZhen in 2009. It is situated in Guangming industrial zone, which is an hour away from High Speed Railway Station, Guangming North Station and ShenZhen East Airport. The company maintains international quality-control standard, precision and durability in products and efficient shipment for the same.

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