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Sherif Trading S.A. Offers 100 Percent Recycled Paper on CopyTack and DataTack Labels


Vesenaz, Geneva -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Sherif Trading S.A. ( is announcing to the public today that the company is now using 100 percent recycled paper for DataTack and CopyTack Self Adhesive Laser Labels to continue its efforts to only use environmentally friendly products.

Fred Bunzl, media contact, was asked about the labels and the types of printers needed. "The CopyTack and DataTack labels are specifically made for printers that use the standard European A4 size, which roughly measures 8.27 x 11.69 inches. The A4 size paper is used throughout the continental European countries and the United Kingdom. The paper fits in the printers that are exclusively made for this size paper and Office Printer Sheet Labels. Our effort to use 100 percent recycled paper for our Laser Printer Labels is just one of the ways we help customers feel good about buying our labels. We also began using a siliconised release liner that has 50 percent paper content that is recycled".

"We realized that our customers are just like us in that they like buying from and supporting those companies that are environmentally responsible, which we believe is no longer an option for companies", said Bunzl. In addition to using recycled paper for the labels the company manufactures, Mr. Bunzl was asked about the quality and adhesive used. "The CopyTack and DataTack labels are dye cut, which means that back sheets removes easily from the all purpose adhesive that we use. One of the nice aspects to the type of adhesive on our labels is its ability to stick to just about any surface but it can be removed easily in most instances and from most surfaces".

Asked about other benefits of using the CopyTack and DataTack labels, Mr. Bunzl said, "CopyTack and DataTack label sheets are manufactured with the utmost quality assurance along with the best adhesives making it easier on printers, which in turn means a printer can last longer. In addition, because of the care that put into manufacturing the sheets, they don't tangle in the printer, which also shortens the printer's life. Our labels work on laser sheet-fed printers, ink-jets, offset and even the more modern colour printers and copiers".

Mr. Bunzl ended with, "We will continue to use recycled paper to produce our labels along with using the latest technology in sheet cutting and the best adhesives to give our customers the labels that not only print well but saves time and money".

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Sherif Trading S.A. distributes CopyTack and DataTack Labels for the European A4 size, which is standard for the U.K. and many European markets as well as other areas of the world that use A4 size paper and printers. The company guarantees its products and prides itself on their quality and customer service as well as offering some of the best prices in the industry. The company website offers several articles for customers and potential customers to read through in regards to various printer issues and getting the most out of a printer.