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Sherlock Holmes LEGO Illustrations Encourage Young Fans to Read the Original Conan Doylestories - MX Publishing, London


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- A Spanish illustrator has come up with a novel way to encourage the legions of new Sherlock Holmes fans created by BBC Sherlock and other major franchises to pick up the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. James Malacuso has recreated all the illustrations in LEGO. When Conan Doyle’s stories were first published in the Strand magazine they were illustrated by stunning pictures from Sidney Paget. Malacuso has intricately recreated each of the scenes, including the iconic 221b Baker Street with Lego figures and the fans love the effect.

Steve Emecz from MX Publishing who are releasing the first three stories comments “There has never been a better time to be a Sherlock Holmes fan. With more franchises running concurrently then any time in history – BBC Sherlock, CBS Elementary, the Guy Ritchie movies and now the Russian Series there are millions of new fans all over the world. What’s important though is to get as many of these new fans to go back and read the original stories as possible. James’ illustrations are a wonderful way to do that”.

Roger Johnson from The Sherlock Holmes Society of London says that the photos, inspired by Paget’s illustrations and the Granada TV series are "Different, clever and rather charming.”

If the response from the Holmes fans is as strong as the critics, then the publishers aim to add nine more books to complete a set of twelve.

The three books are available from all good bookstores – and although the third book is released in June, there is a special pre-publication bundle from the Watson’s Lounge Bookshop.

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MX Publishing is the world’s largest specialist Sherlock Holmes publisher, with over a hundred titles and fifty authors creating the latest in Sherlock Holmes fiction and non-fiction. From traditional short stories and novels to travel guides and quiz books, MX Publishing cater for all Holmes fans. The collection includes leading titles such as Benedict Cumberbatch In Transition and The Norwood Author which won the 2011 Howlett Award (Sherlock Holmes Book of the Year). MX Publishing also has one of the largest communities of Holmes fans on Facebook with regular contributions from dozens of authors.

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