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Sherwanis for Men That Are Attractive and Stylish Are Featured on Ziggi Studio's New Website


Birmingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Ziggi Studio, a multi award-winning men’s designer brand that is devoted to creating the most luxurious men’s and groomswear collections, has just launched its brand new website. The new site features the newest collection of sherwanis for men that are available.

The company’s latest variety of mens sherwanis was recently showcased on the catwalk of the Asiana Bridal Show 2013. The event, which was held on Sunday, January 27 at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in London, which is known as the UK’s premier Asian bridal exhibition.

Four years on since the launch of the Ziggi Studio brand, it has strived to offer its customers the finest and most attractive Asian men’s and groomswear collections possible. Over the years, it has developed a well-deserved reputation for its high-quality and cutting edge designs on its modern and traditional wedding sherwanis. The company gets its inspiration for its traditional sherwanis and other groomswear from the Mughal era.

“In the current age where Indian Fusion wear is championed, Ziggi Studio instead establishes a reconnection with Mughal roots and life, and the majestic beauty of its royal palaces, to inspire an edgy, elegant and regal look that allows an ordinary gentleman to turn into the King on his special day,” an article on the new website noted, adding that each garment is made with authentic Indian craftsmanship, such as Zardosi and Nakshi, as well as modern lines and textiles.

“Whether you want the authentic look of Shah Jahan or Aurangzeb, or a modern recreation, Ziggi Studio offers you Mughal majesty, luxury and magnificence in the modern day.”

Ziggi Studio, which is located in Birmingham, features made-to-measure service to all grooms to be. With the launch of the new website, men can browse through the vast collection of eye-catching sherwanis from the comfort of their own home.

Men who are interested in seeing the collection of clothing that is currently available at Ziggi Studio are welcome to visit the new website, they can browse through the wide selection of sherwanis and much more. Clicking on the “Collection” tab at the top of the home page will allow shoppers to see specific types of sherwanis that are available at Ziggi Studio—these include fusion sherwanis and formal sherwanis.

Ziggi Studio also features an assortment of sherwani accessories, including majestic-looking jewellery and much more. Every item on the website is accompanied by a full colour photo and in-depth description.

About Ziggi Studio
Ziggi Studio is an award-winning men's designer brand, set up in February 2009. The company’s focus is primarily on high quality, cutting edge design to create the finest and most luxurious Asian men's and groomswear collections. Ziggi Studio draws their inspiration from the Mughal era and this defines everything they do. Indeed, a visit to Ziggi Studio catapults shoppers into this bygone era that celebrated royal decadence, and brings it alive for the modern man. For more information, please visit http://www.ziggistudio.com

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