Shield the Security in Online Dealings with a Virtual Credit Card Number

Virtual credit card numbers can be used to abolish the potential for hackers to use the card data to make online shopping.


Hot Springs, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Now a days many people make use of prepaid credit cards. Any person with bad credit rating are the common holders of these credit cards as they cannot attain or they find it difficult to acquire a normal credit card. The virtual credit cards are tied to one’s real credit card number but the issuer makes a number, only good for a single-use. The virtual credit card number functions like a gift card but it is accepted by a dealer on the net based on which cards they accept. So if one have a Visa virtual credit card, he/she can use it with any online dealer who accepts Visa credit cards and then this dealer will only have virtual credit card number on document.

Virtual credit cards are throwaway payment cards that can be used for online shopping or for making payments over the web. They are also called as single-use credit cards. They give the security according to the client’s desire as they are given with a new card number for all the online transaction they make. These prepaid cards are also a suitable substitute for transferring cash.

Visa virtual credit card is an ideal approach to manage one’s funds and their spending. They really can aid one to pre-pay funds into their card account simply as they do with a routine checking account. The money that one just deposit in their card is the set limit readily accessible for use.

About provides service of top class virtual credit card. They guarantee the low cost and the proficient support. One of the benefit of this card, the user will not have to be think about disclosing their details on the internet.

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