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Shifted Pixels Explains How Website Redesign Boosts Sales and Client Retention


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2011 -- Shifted Pixels, a leading Australian digital agency, says a Website redesign can significantly boost sales for a business if done correctly. The highly ranked Sydney Web design and online marketing solutions provider offers businesses several things to consider when contemplating a platform redesign.

The Website is often the first place potential customers learn about a business. It is the first hand shake, the foot in the door, and everything is riding on the sites presentation to turn visitors into buyers. Despite this truth, many businesses see a Website redesign as a purely cosmetic endeavor. But successful internet marketers know that the Website is absolutely key to positively affecting a business’s bottom line.

With hundreds of successful Website redesigns to their credit, Shifted Pixels optimizes conversions and client retention by examining every single aspect of a business- both on and off their website. This approach allows them to identify the areas where web surfers become visitors and where visitors actually become buyers. It also shows them the pitfalls of the website; namely the areas where the website fails to convert. “In addition to bringing comprehensive Web design to the table, we deal with strategy, social media marketing, ecommerce and a host of other services to bring a holistic end to end Web solution to business Websites,” said a Shifted Pixels Senior creative director. “The redesigned site should provide action points, increase customer trust in the brand and leverage marking techniques to drive sales.”

The Web design Sydney, Australia-based agency explains that the role of information architecture is to direct users to the Website’s most important elements in order to increase conversion rates. “Businesses must have definitive goals for the Website and what they are trying to achieve,” said the Website design Sydney agency creative Director. “If it’s getting more sales leads through an online form, then the design must reflect this and direct users to this point of the Website and every opportunity possible by correctly using calls to action, design flow and action points to increase conversions exponentially.”

The Web designers Sydney conversion approach is to incorporate Web 2.0 standards such as Facebook fan page promotions and twitter updates for cross-platform integration, RSS feeds and other integrated attributes that build viral support for the business. “There is a science to successful information architecture, but it essentially comes down to understanding the users, putting their goals into context with the Website and then ordering the content to meet those goals in the most intuitive and simple way,” said the creative Director. To learn more about the Shifted Pixels or their effective approach to website redesign and optimization, please visit http://www.shiftedpixels.com.au/

About Shifted Pixels
Shifted Pixels is a Sydney-based Web design and online marketing agency for businesses. Their holistic end-to-end Web solutions approach allows them to bundle Web design and technical services along with comprehensive Australian hosting solutions. Other services include copywriting, Ecommerce, social media marketing, PPC and banner advertising.