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Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Accepting New Patients Interested in Non-Surgical Fat Removal with Ultrashape and Velashape


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2017 -- Shiloh Vein & Aesthetic Institute, known for their state-of-the-art varicose vein and Juvederm® treatments in Philadelphia, among many other services, is pleased to announce they are accepting new patients in search of non-surgical fat removal procedures, such as Ultrashape and Velashape. Since the procedures are non-surgical, no incisions or anesthetics are necessary. This also means that there will be no scars, scrapes, cuts, or recovery periods like there are for surgical procedures.

UltraShape uses ultrasound energy to eradicate the walls of fat cells, which in turn releases the fat in the form of triglycerides. The liver processes these triglycerides, naturally eliminating them from the body. This procedure is non-invasive, as none of the surrounding muscle, tissue, or nerves are harmed. The entire weight removal experience is pleasant and relaxing.

First, both doctor and patient must identify the exact treatment area. Next, the specially designed belt is wrapped around the patient's abdomen, and a soothing gel is applied to the skin. Then one of their trained UltraShape technicians glides the non-surgical UltraShape transducer on the treatment area. This process gently delivers ultrasound pulses, which are painless. It takes up to an hour at most so the patient can relax knowing UltraShape is doing its job.

VelaShape is another one of their non-invasive body contouring treatments which is specifically for circumferential and cellulite reduction. It is a safe way to achieve a toned, contoured, and well-shaped body. Like Ultrashape, VelaShape also provides significant results without the pain or recovery periods associated with surgical procedures.

For more information regarding either of these fat removal procedures or hair restoration in Philadelphia, please their website. To set up a consultation, call 215-695-4169.

About Dr. Shiloh
Dr. Shiloh is the lead practitioner at the Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute. With years of experience as a vascular physician and an Arteriologist, he now provides the highest quality treatments for the removal of varicose veins, wrinkles and spider veins. His office is located in Southampton, Pennsylvania, and can be reached by phone at 215-695-4169.

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