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Shim Clinic Is Providing Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing and Treatment


Bedok, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2018 -- Shim Clinic has since its establishment been an accessible location open for the general public who are after professional medical treatment offered in a comfortable space. The walk-in clinic provides general medical services but is mostly known for their sexual health services which have been a central part of their day-to-day operations. The assurance of private and confidential services has been a pillar that Shim Clinic strongly holds on to and extends to all their patients.

Talking on the misconceptions that surround STDs, the Medical Director said, "For long, there have been lots of lies that have been told over and over to the point of getting accepted by the general public especially about STDs. First is that having a sexually related infection means you are dirty or that anyone suffering from STIs always has symptoms. It is also not only penile-vaginal intercourse that leads to infections or the much stupid conception that menses provide a form of protection. The only way for you to know whether you do not have an infection is by undergoing medical testing that will give you clear results on your condition."

The World Health Organization recommends going for an HIV test on a regular basis especially when one has been exposed to conditions likely to lead to an infection. Shim Clinic has been at the forefront of providing a safe place for individuals to get tested and receive the accurate result on their HIV status. No prior appointments are required before the tests can be conducted, and all the processes are followed in line with medically accepted procedures. Shim Clinic guides all their patients before the testing for a comprehensive understanding of the outcome to expect and the next cause of action.

Speaking about the importance of seeking out an STD Clinic in Singapore, the Clinical Officer said, "Anyone can be infected with STI's, and it is never a reason to hide or blame yourself for causing it or not avoiding the situation. If you have been through any kind of exposure, the right step is to visit an STD clinic where you will not only be tested but given professional advice. Suffering in silence is never a solution, and with the advancements in the medical industry timely interventions go a long way in keeping you safe."

The common STD symptoms differ greatly among men and women making it essential for one to go for testing to show proof of an infection. Shim Clinic has listed the general symptoms as multiple painful genital blisters, fever & generalized rash, fleshy cauliflower genital growths, and discharge from the genitalia. However, it is not only the presence of these symptoms that call for testing and treatment, but even the lack of symptoms does not eliminate the possibility of an infection.

About Shim Clinic
Shim Clinic is an STD clinic providing an open platform for the residents of Singapore to access professional medical testing, diagnosis, and treatment from a team that is dedicated to providing compassionate care.

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