Shim Sham Fit Launches Its New Review Section "Best Treadmills for Home" Reviews and Tips

Shim Sham Fit launches its section of reviews, research, and helpful buying guides to help you buy the best treadmill for your home and for your workout program.


South Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Shim Sham Fit is excited to launch its new "Best Treadmills For Home" section with research, information, and reviews of exercise treadmills.

Adare Weon is a marketing consultant and editor of Shim Sham Life, and chief editor of the newly launched Shim Sham Fit review and news site. Weon loves being active and is looking forward to expanding the Shim Sham Fit site with its dedicated section to top treadmill reviews.

“We are definitely getting to my favorite portion of health and wellness. I am an avid runner myself, so when needing to exercise indoors, I usually look towards the elliptical machines or exercise treadmills." says Weon. "As I usually work out at a gym, I am used to the health-club standard treadmills, so researching the best treadmills for home was interesting indeed."

Weon continues to say that one of the largest challenges for buying a treadmill for home is budget, spacing, and expectations: in other words, you are likely not going to get the really nice treadmill you see at a health club.

"Learning about various features for treadmills for home use was really interesting. Many treadmils are folding treadmills in order to help with storing the item away when not in use. That was the first surprise." says Weon. "The second surprise was that while most top of the line treadmills are motorized treadmills, for cost reasons many home treadmills are manual treadmills without a motor: a whole new beast. It was very fun to check the manual ones out!"

Weon continues to state that research on home treadmills was fascinating. He knew that the normal research of brand names, model names, durability, and design would be factors as they usually are with any health equipment and exercise machine. The fact that there are other pieces invovled when the question becomes buying for home was downright fascinating.

"The manual treadmill vs the motorized treadmill alone is an interesting question as motorized treadmils can cost up to eight times as much as their manual counterpart." concludes Weon. "At what point is quality of the manual treadmill enough to forego the motorized one? At what cost? These are really interesting pieces of information to convey, so I hope you come and visit our site and take advantage of our research on treadmills!"

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