Shim Sham Fit Launches New Review Section for Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use

Shim Sham Fit launches its section of reviews researching the best elliptical machines for home use


South Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- Shim Sham Life is proud to announce its new site Shim Sham Fit, a new site launch dedicated to health and fitness. With its launch, the Shim Sham Fit website is proud to launch its second product review section, the Best Elliptical Machines For Home Use

Adare Weon is a marketing consultant and editor of Shim Sham Life, and chief editor of the newly launched Shim Sham Fit review and news site. Weon also happens to be a health nut. He loves being active which is why he is very excited about the launch and cultivation of the Shim Sham Fit and its second product section of elliptical machines reviews.

“I have always been a very active person," says Weon. "I also love sharing the wealth and am happy to share my knowledge, resources, and time. That is what happens when you are excited about something, and for me it is health and fitness. I plan to stay on an aggressive schedule for Shim Sham Fit and am happy to already be launching our elliptical machines section."

Weon has always been very synergistic about health and fitness, and so he thinks it very natural to follow up the launch of the ab machines section with the elliptical trainers.

"One thing I have found when talking about fitness with those trying to get into it: the cardio workouts can be tough on the joints and on the knees. If you keep up a maintenance level of cardio, there is an amount of muscle and protection that builds around the joint. For sedentary people, those muscles are not strong enough and that is why it is easy for people new to exercise to overdo it and injure their joints." says Weon. "This is challenging because once a sedentary person really commits to changing their lives, they need to know to be careful because they are quite prone to injury."

Weon states that is why it is important to get information about elliptical trainers out there. "Ellipticals are a godsend! They offer a method for weight loss and fat loss and calorie burning while being a bit lower impact than running. Plus they are fun! So I really wanted to get this product section out there quickly." remarks Weon. "There are a lot of great machines out there and so I wanted to make sure to invest a lot of up-front research. Right away it's important to educate the users on the term Six Star Certified Elliptical Machines. And from there, showing that there is a huge range of quality machiens from the popular and inexpensive Stamina Elliptical Machines to the surprisingly durable and inexpensive Exerpeutic Elliptical Machines to the very high quality expensive Horizon Elliptical Machines. There is a huge spectrum of high quality machines to fit just about anyone's budget and home gym space."

Weon continues by saying that besides simple product reviews, he plans to put his writing team to work not just on elliptical machines and cardio machines for home but also all around health and fitness, both mentally and physically. Weon plans to make the news blog a fun and informative part of the site.

"I'm very excited for the future of Shim Sham Fit," concludes Weon. "Besides sound workout and exercise advice, I want to make sure we are all mentally and emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy. They all overlap and have interdependencies, and working on overall health with ensure you maximize your potential for a happy and long life. SO please come visit us!"

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