Shim Sham Fit Launches New Review Section of Best Earbuds for Working Out

Shim Sham Fit launches its section of research for the best earbuds for working out. For many of us, music is a great way to inspire, or even distract, you during your workouts. A good pair of quality workout earbuds is essential for your workouts.


South Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Shim Sham Fit is excited to launch its section of best earbuds for working out with tips and detailed reviews to help people find the best workout earbuds for them.

Adare Weon is a marketing consultant and editor of Shim Sham Life, and chief editor of the popular Shim Sham Fit review and news site. Weon loves being active and advocating a healthy, happy, and fit lifestyle. He is very excited for the build out of Shim Sham Fit's new section of research on workout earbuds.

“Listening to music or any other audio of your choice is a fun and inspiring, and sometimes necessarily distracting, part of working out. A durable pair of quality workout earbuds is essential for enjoying your workout audio to the fullest." says Weon. "The fun part is that workout enthusiasts are not necessarily sound enthusiasts, and sometimes you may not even know how to buy workout earbuds or even what is out there. That's the fun part of researching the best earbuds for exercise."

It takes a keen mind to know not just how to design and engineer quality workout earbuds with great sound quality, but to also design earbuds with exercise in mind. This includes durability and comfort. For that reason, Weon says, “you should expect to see both familiar names on the list of best workout earbuds as well as a few surprise brand names as well”.

"You will find great exercise earbuds in both earbuds designed specifically for working out as well as earbuds which are durable enough for working out. We will cover quality brands like Bose workout earbuds and Sennheiser workout earbuds and even some brands you may not know." concludes Weon. "Whether you want the best earbuds under $100 or even the best earbuds under $50, our research will definitely be a great resource for you."

Weon plans to continue to research and publish many more tips, reviews, bestseller lists, and articles to help you find good earbuds for running or for the gym.

For more details, visit the Shim Sham Fit Health and Fitness website!


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