Shim Sham Fit Launches New Website with Reviews of Best Ab Machines for Home

Shim Sham Life is proud to launch its new website Shim Sham Fit with its first section of reviews researching the best ab machines for home


South Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2013 -- Shim Sham Life is proud to announce its new site Shim Sham Fit, a new site launch dedicated to health and fitness. With its launch, the Shim Sham Fit website is proud to launch its first product review section, the Best Ab Machines For Home

Adare Weon is a marketing consultant and editor of Shim Sham Life, and chief editor of the newly launched Shim Sham Fit review and news site. He is also a health nut and is very happy to undertake the caring, launch, and cultivation of the Shim Sham Fit website with its first product launch dealing with the best ab machines for home.

“I have always been a very active person," says Weon. "I was very lucky to get involved with the people at Shim Sham Life and have learned a lot from my colleagues, including writing, researching, and marketing during the launch of Shim Sham Life's first website, Shim Sham Kitchen. When given the opporutnity to take on the health and fitness launch, I jumped at the opportunity."

Weon has always been very synergistic about health and fitness, and so he thinks it very natural to launch Shim Sham Fit's first product section centering around core strength including ab and back muscles. "Sit-ups, crunchs, and ab exercises is one of the biggest industries, and there is just a lot of information out there, whether well known due to commercial blitzes or from deep cult followings and research. So in our initial launch we covered the most popular (and somewhat controversial) best ab machines for home: the Ab Rocket Abomdinal Trainer, the Ab Circle Pro Ab Machine, and the Proform Ab Gliders, and my personal no-frills favorite, the Apex Roma Hyper Extension Bench. I wanted to tackle these head on first since they the first three are well known due to their marketing, and the fourth is my personal favorite."

Weon continues by saying that besides simple product reviews, he plans to put his writing team to work not just on abdominal exercises but all areas of health and fitness. Besides buying guides, buying tips, and bestseller lists, he plans to make the news blog a fun and informative part of the site.

"I'm very excited for the future of Shim Sham Fit," concludes Weon. "Besides sound workout and exercise advice, I plan to give better exposure towards holistic and synergistic health practices and efficient workouts. My plan is for you to be healthy and happy so you can enjoy life! Please come check our site out again and again and share it with your friends!"

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