Shim Sham Fit Publishes Top Ten List of the Best Heart Rate Watch Reviews

Shim Sham Fit is proud to publish its top list of best heart rate watch reviews. There are a lot of criteria when it comes to shopping for heart rate watches and the bestseller list is a great place to start your research.


South Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Shim Sham Fit, a site dedicated to product reviews and news of all things health and fitness related, is proud to publish its list of best heart rate watch reviews at large online retailers and at neighborhood exercise supply stores.

Adare Weon, chief editor at Shim Sham Fit, puts a high value on bestseller lists as a source of research. While workout enthusiasts have been exercising for ages, evolving technology is now allowing us to gather our own workout data like never before. One such piece of technology is the heart rate monitor watch. Whether for health reasons or workout reasons, a heart rate monitor watch gives us valuable data when planning our workouts and our lifestyles.

“Heart rate monitor watches are becoming very popular, and even now the technology continues to evolve to where you do not necessarily need a chest strap for continuous heart rate monitoring." says Weon. "While technology evolves, the current products also become less expensive. How does one navigate such an expansive field of products? That's why bestseller lists are so valuable."

Some features people will need to consider when researching heart rate watches: What kind of readings does one need? Is it okay using a chest strap? What type of battery life is required? What kind of (if any) zone alerts does one require?

These are a few of the questions to consider when researching heart rate watch reviews. Those are some questions which can be answered by bestseller lists. With all this said and done, Weon is happy to announce their bestseller list of heart monitor watches to help people with their research. They will find a consistent theme on the bestseller lists: companies that dedicate themselves to portable heart monitors moreso than fitness equipment, such as the MIO Alpha Strapless Heart Rate Watch, the Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor Watch, and the bestselling and most popular Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

"Already you will find many of the bestselling brands are dedicated specifically to heart rate monitoring, such as Polar, Omron, and Mio" says Weon. "Not to mention that MIO's Alpha Watch is the first of its kind: continuous accurate heart monitoring without a chest strap. The technology definitely evolves quickly, and with that the bestseller lists are the easiest way to keep up with the latest and best products."

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