Shim Sham Kitchen Launches New Reviews to Help Find the Best Cheap Food Processor

Shim Sham Kitchen is proud to add food processor product reviews to its site help you find the best cheap food processor for your lifestyle.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- Shim Sham Life is proud to add food processor reviews to its site Shim Sham Kitchen, a site dedicated to product reviews and news of all things kitchen related.

Last week, Shim Sham Kitchen was launched with its line of microwave oven reviews. This week Shim Sham Kitchen adds food processor reviews to its list of quality reviews. The goal for this line of reviews is to help you find the best and most cheap food processor for your kitchen lifestyle.

Abbie Chueng is an online marketing consultant and a part of Shim Sham Life, a group of six eclectic individuals that have one passion in common: love of shopping, and love of research! Cheung specializes in finding information and product markets with a heavy demand of internet searches but low supply of websites providing information, reviews, and other resources.

“I am really working hard on this site launch and am super excited to be ahead of schedule, launching a second line of product reviews analyzing the top rated food processors. I’m having fun with this one,” Cheung says. “Food processors have come a long way in helping the population of this non-stop quick-moving culture continue to be able to prepare healthy meals quickly and with a lot of fun. I personally had a lot of fun shopping for my own food processor and giving it a spin! I’m excited to launch reviews and news to help people find a great food processor in their budget.”

Cheung has researched the most popular brands of food processors and gives the skinny on what works well and what doesn’t work with these food processors. Cheung says: “I’ll review popular models and brands, the most popular being the Cuisinart Food Processors and the Hamilton Beach Food Processors. There are a lot of good things about them and I want to share with you all the good and bad that I have found in my research.”

True to her word, Cheung has been meeting her aggressive review guide posting schedule and is looking forward to posting up-to-date information quickly for her web fans.

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