Shim Sham Life Launches New Website: "Best Compact Camcorder" Reviews and Research

The Best Compact Camcorder website offers evaluations and customer testimonials to internet users looking for information on the best compact camcorders for your lifestyle.


South Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- Emil Yau, of Yakka, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its new website: Best Compact Camcorder. Every month, tens of thousands of people are searching for reviews online of compact camcorders for their own unique use and lifestyle. While there are many reviews online, unfortunately, only a handful of websites currently provide legitimate reviews, and many of those reviews are on different websites scattered all across the internet. This makes it difficult for earnest searchers looking for reviews of compact camcorders.

With the launch of the Best Compact Camcorder Reviews website, Emil Yau plans to fulfill this market by providing a one stop website for reviews of the top brands of compact camcorders.

Emil Yau is an internet programming and marketing consultant that specializes in finding information and product markets with a heavy demand of consumers but low supply of websites and information. “After doing much research, I have found there are people searching for reviews of the best compact camcorder, particularly best pocket camcorders and best HD camcorder. I plan to pull research together and reviews together into one place to make it easier for these shoppers to complete their research.” says Emil Yau, one of the staff members of the newly launched Best Compact Camcorder website.

Since the website launch, Emil Yau has held true to his word as more and more reviews have been added every day. “I would like for the site to review at least ten camcorders initially and more as the site grows. We'll cover best handheld camcorders, pocket camcorders, HD camcorders, and more. Especially with the evolution of technology, there are a lot of features and criteria out there.”

The plan for the website will be to review many popular models of camcorders and pull together as much research as possible in an unbiased fashion for all manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic, Flip, Samsung, and more. “With our unbiased research my sincere wish is you find the compact camcorder that works best for you. We wil include reviews, bestseller lists, and helpful guides on How To Buy A Compact Camcorder” concludes Yau.

The internet has been a boom of information for the last two decades, to the point where there is a lot of information out there. The trick is that it is spread out far and wide amongst multiple websites.

“My goal is to pull all this information together into one website to make it a one stop shop for research those looking for pocket size and compact camcorders. We will compile and review it all in unbiased fashion.” says Yau.

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