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Nicks USA Auto Transport is making it simple & affordable to “Ship My Car” by offering an easy to use car shipping quote form on their newly designed website and 20% off all auto transport.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- Nicks USA Auto Transport has been receiving a lot of attention recently. The company has recently launched their new website that makes obtaining a Car Shipping Quote simple and by offering 20% off all Auto Transport Quote in an effort to drive more business. The self-titled “Ship My Car” company has as well made it easy to determine the auto transport price, this is done when a potential customer fills out their online car shipping quote form. Potential customers will receive a quote from Nick’s as well as up to 8 of their competitors. Nick’s is as well offering an additional 20% off their quoted price.

When asked why they are doing this, they responded with "We know we have the best transport team at a price that no one else can match. When it's time to "Ship My Car" we make it easy." Nick's USA Transport Inc. is a Five Star Rated company on as well as a Gold Member. You can as well now find Nick’s on Twitter and Facebook.

They have a collective experience of over 20 years within the Car Shipping & Auto Transport industry. Below the company talks about & explains best practices when shipping a vehicle.

The industry of Car Shipping & Auto Transport makes it easy to relocate a vehicle or vehicles without having to deal with any of the headache and added mileage that comes with doing it yourself.

To Prepare an Automobile for Transport, you should do the following;

Vehicles should be picked up just as driven every day. You should not alter the level of fuel or anything else for that matter. However, it is important that you do not pack your vehicle with personal items. The Department of Transportation “D.O.T” is very concerned with the total weight of the truck and its contents, for safety reasons. Secure any loose items and always do a walk around with the driver or company representative.

Legally all carriers must carry insurance. Nick's USA Transport's carriers will always have Liability and Cargo Insurance.
1.Liability Insurance - This policy has a maximum coverage of $1,000,000 on the contents of the carrier. Basically this policy will cover any damages due to driver error.

2.Cargo Insurance - This policy limits are determined by the types of vehicles that are carried on the truck and can change from truck to truck. There is a minimum of $50,000 coverage per vehicle on the carrier required by the "D.O.T." This policy covers the scratches and dents if any that could appear.

For vehicles that do not run usually require the use of a "Winch" to assist in the loading process. Generally, we have to determine if the car Rolls, Brakes and Steers. Additional fees may be required by the transport company, based on the cars current condition.

Always try to allow 2 weeks lead time to schedule car shipping. The more time in advance the better the auto transport rates will be and the easier it is for carriers to arrange pickup and delivery. Expedited service is always an option if you need certain dates arranged, additional fees may apply, depending on the transport company.

A few averages within certain carrier networks. From East to West it’s usually 7-14 days. North to South is about 5-7 days. Often times, weather conditions are a major factor as well as the time of the year and location of the transport.

Another detail that is very important is that a reputable & trustworthy auto transport company will offer Free Car Shipping Quotes and may offer up to 8 competitive quotes so that you can get the best price for your transport needs. As well under NO circumstance should you ever pay a deposit. Customers pay nothing until the car is picked up.

Nick's USA Transport offers all of these services listed here and more. For a Free Car Shipping Quote log onto “We Won’t Steer Your Wrong”