Where's MH370?

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Founder Mathew Carpenter Releases MH370-Themed "Most Offensive Kid's Book Ever"


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- Mathew Carpenter, the Australian entrepreneur and self-described "evil genius," behind Ship Your Enemies Glitter, is launching a Where's Waldo style illustrated activity book that lets readers search for the wreckage of MH370, the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014.

"Where's MH370?" is the result of an eight month effort by Carpenter to help solve the 21st century's most challenging mystery at a lower cost than the more than $70 million official search and rescue effort.

The book, which has been called the "most offensive kid's book ever" by Social News Daily, features 12 beautiful full color illustrations of areas the plane may have ended up in, ranging from Hell to the Moon to North Korea.

Readers can search these locations for parts of the plane and items passengers may have been carrying, such as oxygen masks, luggage and the cockpit's black box.

Critics have described the search-and-find book as "the sickest book ever" and "the definition of 'too soon' and 'no need.'" Carpenter insists that the book isn't offensive, and is part of a genuine effort to crowdsource the search for the missing plane.

Speaking to NineMSN, Carpenter claims that he doesn't know why people affected by the missing plane would find it offensive:

"I think the thing they'd find more offensive is the bungled response and cover-up the Malaysian government is being accused of."

Carpenter is best known for Ship Your Enemies Glitter, a website he developed in 2015 that lets customers ship ultra-annoying packets full of glitter to enemies and friends.

The website, which was launched as a drunken joke, attracted massive amounts of attention online and tens of thousands of glitter orders before being sold at auction for $85,000 USD shortly after it was published.

Customers interested in searching for the plane can reserve a copy of the MH370 search-and-find book at wheresmh370book.com for $15.

About Mathew Carpenter
Mathew Carpenter is a 23 year old entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. Mathew has launched numerous businesses & products that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of millions of website visitors, millions of social media shares and featured on all mediums including TV, radio, print & web.