Shippers App Offers Shipping Service in the UAE


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2020 -- Dubai, UAE- March 11, 2020 - Shippers App was established by TTS Technology Network Services with the singular purpose of introducing a new channel for modern shoppers who require deliveries from abroad. Their main objective was to create, design and market websites and mobile phone applications that can facilitate the lives of people and try to employ technology in practical life. Shippers App works through the recruitment of passengers to transport goods and the needs of users from one country to another or city to another through the application and monitoring of the shipping process and pay passengers the amounts owed to them after the delivery of required shipments.

"For long, a concern for most shoppers had been to find a reliable channel for having on-time deliveries without having to pay exorbitant charges," said the company spokesperson. "Technology has given individuals the perfect solution in the form of our app that connects them to travelers coming their way. importers, therefore, no longer have to rely on courier companies when they can have a trusted third-party facilitate the process. This makes the logistics process more fun and faster than the traditional channels that often take longer than expected."

Shippers App stands tall as a reliable and cheap shipping service provider in UAE. For it to offer trusted shipping in Dubai, there are measures that the developer had put in place for the app to work effectively. The app will collect specific anonymous data regarding the usage of the website. This information will not only identify the user, preferably in combination with other collected data, and is managed to improve the performance of the website. The data collected may include the type of the browser an individual is using and more data.

"One of the main reasons why it is always so hard to get instant deliveries for products bought abroad is they are never shipped instantly," explained the company spokesperson. "Most logistics companies have systems that are best supported by bulk deliveries, and this means having to wait until a certain threshold is achieved. While it is for business sustainability, this causes delays on clients' end as they have to wait on a team that handles thousands of other orders. However, with our app, they get to directly get in touch with a traveler coming their way to make the deliveries."

Shippers App offers a go-to way for products that are not available in clients' country and are too expensive to purchase locally. Clients can order just about anything at shippers – from baby clothes and kids' toys to electronic gadgets and nutritional supplements. Shippers offer the most straightforward way to shop at users' comfort. The process begins by creating shipments request whereby the clients provides detailed information on the items to be shipped until the moments when the package is delivered. Potential clients looking for shipping in Dubai can make contact for trusted shipping in Dubai by visiting their website.

About Shippers App
Shippers App has built a new channel that shippers searching for top shipping companies in Dubai will opt for as a suitable and cost-friendly alternative to having shipment from abroad.