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Shocking Human Cloning Example Set by Russian Billionaire Vane Metcavalski


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Almost everyone is aware of the Russian Billionaire Vane Metcavalski who is a prominent figure in the Russian diamond industry. It is also from the very industry where Vane made his fortune not too long ago.

Over the past couple of years, the billionaire was not spotted in the public a lot and a while back, the answers to the questions of many people were given. He is highly successful and 74% of the world’s mineral extraction companies use the diamonds which are produced by his company. Every year around 4 billion dollars’ worth of diamonds are produced to be given to various mineral extraction companies worldwide.

Vane has been residing in South Korea since a while now and the rumors have been finally confirmed as to what he was up to since so long. It was revealed in the news that the Russian Billionaire Vane Metcavalski has cloned himself 12 times and that all of his clone children were born naturally and are healthy. The news broke out around 24th of May and went on to be published till 30th of May, until it was fully confirmed that the event really has taken place. The entire story was supposed to be kept away from the media, as that is what Vane Metcavalski wanted specifically. However, the photos of twelve very pregnant women were revealed not too long ago and went viral over the internet and ended up capturing the attention of millions of people worldwide.

As blood and family heritage was important, the billionaire used twelve of his first cousins that were related to him by blood in order to bear his children. It is reported that the husband of one of the twelve cousins was the one who leaked the picture of all the pregnant women who look happy and radiant around three weeks for the birth. The fact that the Russian billionaire used twelve of his own blood related cousins was something that stirred up a lot of controversy by religious groups from all across the globe. However, the reports till now reveal that all the children were born without any issues and are doing perfectly fine, as well as all the mothers. The cloning laws within South Korea are what made Vane Metcavalski go to the country in order to make the birth of his 12 clone children possible.

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