Millionaire Society Reviews

Shocking Millionaire Society Reviews, Reveals the Truth

Shocking testimonials from people who have lost time and money due to the sham of Millionaire Society


Gallen, Sankt Gallen -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- In a shocking revelation, a lot of testimonials of the Millionaire Society have been revealed, which show that the clients of this product are less than satisfied with the company. The reviews do not only talk about the ineffectiveness of the program, they also talk about how the program has failed to provide them with any returns despite of the amount that has been invested.

The Millionaire Society (website- is an offspring of Mack Michael’s company. They have released a number of products that are supposed to provide their clients with knowledge and information as well as monetary profit. Some of their products include Maverick Money Makers or Cell Phone Cash.

However, the new reviews have revealed that this program does not provide any sort of monetary benefit to the people, even though it might have some slight educational value. All the programs launched and distributed by the Millionaire Society have received generally bad reviews because of the fact that they have a really high price tag, especially in comparison to the output level.

The website, does operate on the basis of good marketing- the strategy is quite good. However, it has been revealed (as speculated by a number of clients) that the ClickBank accounts and earning proofs shown on the website is actually fake. There are quite many complaints about how, despite the initial investments, the program has not managed to turn any returns to the clients.

There are a lot of Millionaire society reviews to be found online- one can certainly start off by reading accounts at

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