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Finding the ideal shoe stretcher is not a difficult task by checking out the shoe stretcher reviews provided in Shoes should provide wearers with a comfortable fit. With the help of shoe stretchers, it can adjust the fit accordingly.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- For individuals out there who have problems with ill-fitting shoes, it is best to learn how to use a shoe stretcher. There are a number of shoe stretchers that are readily available in the market, thus finding the right one can be a difficult task. It is essential to check on the shoe stretcher reviews presented in website.

The Deluxe 2 Way Shoe Stretcher – Men is the ideal choice for shoes that range from size 7 to 10. With this shoe stretcher, it can easily expand tight shoes, provide a comfortable fit to the wearer and can prevent the formation of blisters. This 2-Way Wooden shoe stretcher is capable of expanding both the width and length of tight shoes, thus providing a spacious and comfortable fit all day. The distinct form of the foot helps eliminate rubbing that will result to blisters and calluses. The shoe stretcher is placed in the shoe and the adjustable dial is turned to stretch out the width, length or both. It also includes 8 plug-in stretching pods in order to help relieve bunions, corns and hammertoes. Since it is a 2-way stretcher, it can accommodate both right and left shoes.

The next shoe stretcher is the Shoe Stretchers Women’s by 210 Innovations. This shoe stretcher is made out of superior quality wood and premium steel, easy to adjust dials to achieve the desired fit, available in both men and women sizes and includes two shoe stretchers. With this shoe stretcher, it helps provide relief to sore feet that are cramped in ill-fitting shoes. It is made out of premium steel and wood that is specifically designed to slide effortlessly on either men or women shoes. Of course, these shoe stretchers can be swapped and utilized to stretch either left or right shoe. The shoe stretchers are placed on the shoes and the dials are turned to expand the fit.

For high heels, there is a women’s high heel shoe stretcher. This shoe stretcher is basically made out of birch wood and steel that fits on both left and right shoes and has pressure relief pods for extra stretch. It has a distinct design that can be used to stretch ill-fitting heels and pumps as well as provide relief to bunions, corns and hammertoes. The shoe stretcher fits both right and left shoes.

Lastly, the ShoeKeeper5742 Professional Shoe Stretch Kit is a hardwood shoe stretcher that works by stretching tight and ill-fitting shoes in order to achieve the ideal fit. With this shoe stretcher, it includes inserts for additional spot stretching and a shoe stretch spray that facilitates easy stretching. Of course, it will work on both right and left shoes with ease.

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