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Shooting UK Discusses Shooting Eye Dominance: Pownalls Comments


Norfolk, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2017 -- Shooting UK, an online site that publishes articles related to guns and shooting, has recently uploaded an article providing advice on eye dominance and shooting. The article states the difference between visual acuity and eye dominance. It says that visual acuity is the physical ability to focus on an object at various distances and under different conditions. On the other hand, eye dominance is all about how people's eyes direct their pointing.

The article later covers areas such as how to shoot well, what glasses to wear for shooting, different types of dominance and eye dominance terminology. The article advises people to have an annual eye check as this is said to make a massive difference when it comes to focusing and knowing where to point the gun at.

For further information and advice visit Shooting UK online.

A spokesperson from a leading supplier of air pistols, Pownalls, was incredibly keen to comment saying, "We was delighted when we read this article, this is because it provides people with key information about shooting and provides great advice on eye dominance which many people don't know anything about. If shooting is something which you're interested in getting involved in, then here at Pownalls we're able to provide people with everything they need to become successful at the sport, for further information and guidance give us a call today."

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