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The double cash back contest on is a free to enter contest where participants get free appreciation gifts, discounts on all products and a chance to win their cash back in double.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Amazn Contest is an online contest site that aims to offer an honest and fair online contest where people can participate without losing money. was founded by Michael Littles and the site is known for its weekly ‘Double Cash Back contests’.

The double your cash contest is an exciting new concept that offers people the benefit of up-front, steep discounts on various products and a chance to win their cash back in double. The site is affiliated with various popular authorized online shopping sites. People can buy whatever they want from these authorized stores through affiliate links. The shopping receipt must be submitted to enter the contest and if the person wins he/she gets the cash back in double. Even if the person does not win the contest, they lose nothing as they still walk away with the products they bought at great discounts. A registered member on the site can enjoy various benefits:

A chance to participate in the ‘Double Cash Contest’ every week

The site’s shopping partners offer up to 50% discount on their products

With each contest entry the member gets an up-front free participation gift

Shopping partners offer extra discounts every week that members can take advantage of

To enter the contest a person must become a verified member of the site (signing up is free) and shop through the site’s affiliated stores and submit the receipt within a seven day window. Along with the receipt all participants are required to submit a marketing idea that will help promote this contest further. The better the idea the better your odds of winning your double your cash back.

“’s double your cash back contest is a wonderful concept. Participate as many times as you like and have multiple chances to win within the same contest. Shop for $200 and win to get back $400 in the contest. You don’t risk losing anything even when you don’t win the contest, because you shop for what you wanted anyway, but at a great discount. What else does a shopaholic need?” --Marie Rogers

The highlight of the contests is that registration is completely free. And even if members do not win the contest, they are entitled to a participation gift and discounts on all products they buy. So when you participate you come out ahead no matter what. The site is affiliated with various online shopping sites that you know and love like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Dr. Scholl’s Shoes, Avon, Game stop, Star Bucks, Life Stride, Fragrance Net and many other cool shopping sites. So offers your choice to buy the products you want and will be buying regardless, from the shopping sites you already use, plus a chance to win double your cash back. A contest concept designed to insure that none of their participating members ever lose.

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