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MrFootage is offering the best quality footage of basketball. The videos include both professional and college games' clips.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- MrFootage, the online library of stock footage is offering basketball videos of professional and college games. The scenes include ball dribbling, shooting, basket dunks, blocking, defense, rebounds and a lot more action.

One of the company executives said, “You will find with us, the best quality basketball videos that have captured a variety of moves and actions including dribbling, shooting, basket dunks, blocking, defense, rebounds etc. The videos are captured from both professionals and college games. You can use these videos to incorporate them in ads, documentaries and other video projects. All the videos that you see listed on our online store are either free or they come for a very nominal charge. We also have a huge collection of royalty free, paid and unpaid videos that can be used by filmmakers and directors.”

MrFootage, the online library for stock footage has a collection of over 100,000 video clips. The store has videos based on a variety of subjects that are suitable for professional filmmakers, amateur directors and ad makers. These professionals give regular visits to MrFootage for finding a stock footage for their project. Apart from basketball, the stock consists of footage based on animals, landscapes, nature shots, family, corporate offices, individuals etc.

“You can also find footage based on wildlife, sports, nature, landscapes, different cultures, call centres, corporate offices, meetings, individuals, home made videos and videos from adventure trips. The quality of videos that we have is superb and the videos can be used on any media platform apart from TV. We have royalty free videos are free, while some are nominally charged. All the videos on our website are submitted by professional photographers,” added the executive.

Filmmakers can download HD videos from MrFootage website and use them in their projects without paying a hefty fee for the same. The company's website is good platform for budding cameramen who put in hours to make an impressive video.

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MrFootage officially known as MrFootage Ltd., is online library of stock videos based on different subjects. The store is known to provide royalty free videos for use in documentaries and various other projects. This is a common platform for both video sellers and buyers. Its collection includes videos on wildlife, family, individuals, celebrities, marine life etc. To have a look at its collection, click on this link.

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