Media Relations Makes Shopping for 4G Mobile Wireless Easier With Launch of One-Stop 4G Store

Your one stop shop for all things 4G


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2012 -- is a new website that has been launched for those individuals who enjoy 4G technology. This website is dedicated to 4G mobile wireless technology and makes it easy for individuals to find what they are searching for. This is a great way to buy 4G phones and 4G devices through the Internet.

Here, individuals will have access to the best deals on cell phone plans, 4G tablets, 4G unlocked phones and much more. Through, they have a big inventory with a large array of "all things 4G." understands that not every individual is lucky enough to live in an area that has 4G wireless and that is okay. They offer a large array of 3G devices from leading manufactures. believes that each one of their customers is unique and has their own preference when it comes to 4G mobile. They would like each one of their customers to make an informed decision when they are searching for their 4G devices.

With those thoughts in mind, this site is not selling just gadgets, they also provide 4G product reviews, 4G news to help their customers stay current on events, a 4G blog to keep up with the latest trends, and a place where you can check 4G coverage where you are.

4G is a relatively new technology, so this site makes it their goal to keep their customers informed about 4G and to make each one of their customers shopping experience enjoyable and easy.

On their home page, you will see two red buttons next to each other. One says "Our Special Offers" and the other says "Our Best Sellers." Click on "Our Special Offers" and the individual will find all of the sites special offers such as a T-Mobile Sim Card for $5.99, a Motorola W408g Prepaid Phone Net10 for $9.99 (a $99.99 value), A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-Inch Spring by Samsung for $339.00 and much more.

When the customer clicks on "Our Best Sellers," they will find a list of their current best selling products that have sold not only for the price, but also for the quality.

About Shop4GNow
Shop4GNow offers everything 4G. They offer products, information, reviews and blogs. This is a new site that makes it easy for their customers to find the 4G device or plan they are searching for.

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