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Shopatia Announces New Affordable Packages for Social Network Promotion

Social Networks are today’s equivalent of huge billboards that get millions of views each day – and more!


Mission, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2012 -- Social Networks are today’s equivalent of huge billboards that get millions of views each day – and more! Whether you’re a business, a company, an organization, an artist, a politician, or a non-profit, you just can’t ignore Social Networks. Creating social media profiles is easy, and for most parts, is free. However, the real work starts after that.

Popularity on Social networks grows exponentially, and feeds on itself. The most popular artists get the most number of viewers and are the ones which garner most likes and mentions across social media sites. New age marketing companies identified this and have come up with solutions to help popularize a presence on Social networks, and one of the best providers of such a service seems to beShopatia.

The site announces that it helps boost your business through affordable marketing, and the term ‘affordable’ is true! They help a business get hundreds or thousands of followers or fans across most well known social networking sites at just a few dollars. For instance, for thousands of fans, the cost could be as low as $25. If you’re wondering if that’ll help, just look at the top brands in your genre. The first thing people look for in your advertisement is the number of fans and followers your Facebook and Twitter accounts have. The more people you have on your lists, the quicker people come and join the bandwagon. If you don’t yet have a presence on Social media websites, you are missing out on the new age customer! Most of today’s business is transacted online – starting from brand building, and social media integration is among the most important of these aspects.

In addition to getting extra likes and fans, Shopatia also announces that it has affordable online marketing packages including Article submissions, getting extra YouTube views, and even designing a business website and visiting cards. Customer testimonials show that the turnaround time is really quick, and the site has positive customer feedback rating. For new customers, there is a 25% discount on all products, and the coupon code is ‘25shopatia’. If you’re looking to increase your online presence and don’t have a huge budget for it, could be the best solution for you. Take a look.