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Short North Chiropractic Now Treating Patients Across Columbus, Ohio


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2012 -- Short North Chiropractic is pleased to announce that the practice is now serving the entire Columbus Ohio area. The Columbus, Ohio Chiropractic office specializes in treating pain and injury resulting from auto accidents as well as other chiropractic techniques for the relief of hip, back and neck pain, headaches, sciatica and more.

Short North Chiropractic has developed a strong reputation for effective chiropractic therapies. As a Columbus area chiropractor, Dr. Gregory R. Smith has come to specialize in treating patients suffering from lingering injuries brought on by auto accidents as well as those suffering from other physical maladies at his Short North Chiropractic office.

Now, in addition to serving patients in the Short North, Victoria Village and University District areas, Short North Chiropractic has now expanded its coverage area to serve patients throughout all of Columbus, Ohio. “Our reputation for effective therapies in the treatment of lingering injuries resulting from auto accidents has resulted in quite a bit more interest from patients further afield, so I wanted to make our chiropractic medical services available to those patients as well,” said Dr. Smith.

Whiplash can cause many problems including painful headaches, muscle spasms, pain in the shoulders, dizziness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), arm pain and tingling, insomnia and neck pain. Many people are unaware that whiplash and other injuries can occur after minor accidents as well as more severe crashes. These symptoms can manifest themselves immediately after the accident, or they may occur days, weeks or even many months later. In order to bring greater understanding of how these injuries occur and their ramifications, the practice provides a number of articles that explain how neck, back and headache pains can occur, manifest, and be treated through chiropractic therapies at http://www.shortnorthchiropractic.com.

The chiropractic Columbus Ohio specialist also provides chiropractic therapies for ailments that are not the result of car accidents. These ailments can be related to sports, stress, pregnancy or as well as other conditions and may manifest themselves as headaches, back, hip and neck pain and sciatica.

New patients seeking a car accident injury chiropractor Columbus Ohio specialist as well as those wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle can get a complimentary consultation from Short North Chiropractic. “Our goal is to help people lead a more healthful lifestyle that is free of discomfort by removing the cause of their problems as cheaply and quickly as possible,” said Dr. Smith. For more information, please visit http://www.shortnorthchiropractic.com

About Short North Chiropractic
Short North Chiropractic specializes in treating pain and injury that is a result of auto accidents. The Columbus, Ohio practice also treats all other ailments often associated with chiropractors, including but not limited to headache pain relief, back, hip and neck pain as well as sciatica pain. Dr. Gregory R. Smith of Short North Chiropractic has been a licensed practicing chiropractor for over 20 years.

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